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Laser cutting

Measure Twice, Cut Once, But Cut Cleanly

There’s an old saying amongst carpenters and woodworkers in general - “measure twice, cut once”. That’s a mighty profound statement as anyone who has attempted to do DIY carpentry at home and has cut wrong can tell you. A single incorrect cut can send you back to the hardware store now generating off-cuts from what was perfectly sufficient wood for your purposes. It’s always been essential to cut at the correct measurements, and this persists now even more so because modern industry works with a huge diversity of materials and processes. Along with accurate production, whether by human hands or factory machines, has come another demand of the process - the quality of the cut.

Again, as DIY enthusiasts will tell you, they eventually gravitate to machinery that can perform cutting operations because the quality of the cut is so much better than that of a handsaw. High-speed blades of various designs facilitate our modern endeavours, be that in your garage or a massive factory production. Small wonder then that laser cutting has become a mainstream process because the quality of the cut it produces is finer than the majority of alternatives. It’s also extremely accurate, and while the process behind laser cutting sounds explosive, the result on the human scale is extremely accurately cut material without barbs or jagged edges. Sometimes, only a precision cut will do the best job and that is where laser cutting has come into its own. Known throughout diverse industries as the new standard, laser cutting has earned its status because it’s smart technology that produces the finest results. It’s not hard to see why it’s ousted so many former processes.

Come to Trophy and Medal Boutique for the Best in Laser Cutting

At Trophy and Medal Boutique, our daily lives centre on the pursuit of both precision and artistic flair. Especially when you’re cutting bespoke designs for trophies and medals, your cutting had better be spot on! We’re the sharp (or hot!) end of laser cutting, and no matter what it is you need to cut to precision, we’ll get it done with capable hands. Sometimes, only a precise cut will do and that requires laser cutting, which is what we do best.

Trophy and Medal Boutique is the speed and accuracy of laser cutting made real for retail users and we constantly manufacture unique plaques, medals and trophies for sporting or business celebrations. We have years of experience in the technology, and although it remains a hi-tech process, we have mastered the art of laser cutting. Come to us first for accurate and unblemished results because we have the expertise to get it done right the first time around.