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Laser Cutting Awards

Laser Cutting is One Technology That Has Been a Big Improvement

Although the tools and techniques of the old school persist in some industries today, most even vaguely industrial processes have evolved substantially over the last century. Laser cutting has not just entered the mainstream as a standard practice in commerce and industry of this modern era but has rapidly climbed to be the first option for precision cutting of various materials in various industries. Material handling and engraving concerns are synonymous with laser cutting, and for good reason-the results are excellent!

This technology has found a home in the industry not only because of its extreme precision cutting, but also because of the shapes and overall design it enables. Even the most intricate designs can be artfully rendered, and laser cutting can work with the tiniest contours and most exact geometries. Technically, it is a thermal separation process. The laser beam strikes the surface of a material, instantly melting it in a penetration so sudden it’s akin to vaporising whatever is in the way. Once it has cut through the material thickness, the laser beam is moved in concert with the programmed design, producing clean, perfect edges on a variety of materials.


Trophies and Awards Deserve Precision

The advantages of laser cutting include the fact that it applies to a vast array of materials. From an era of specific methodologies for specific materials, laser cutting not only found application on most of them, but it also produces a cleaner and crisper finish. No other cutting technique can move across such a host of materials and produce the same precise results. When laser cutting is described as “clean”, it means a crisp edge without burrs or usually any need to buff the cut edge afterwards.

Moreover, when cutting material that might fray or run (think carpets, textiles, and fabrics), the cut edges are immutably “sealed”, meaning that any post-cutting or secondary treatments are superfluous. Its wide application, superior precision and its ability to render convoluted designs in a heartbeat, all push laser cutting to the top of the pile of options when precision and a clean finish count.


Trophy and Medal Boutique Offers Laser Cutting Near You

At Trophy and Medal Boutique, we’re laser engravers and cutters of solid expertise, and we’ll happily cut or engrave just about any material you have, in just about any design you can imagine. We meet a smart technology with smart results, and our professional skills complement the care we show to our customers.

Call on us first when you simply have to get it cut and cut right. We’re always fastidious in our approach and guarantee you the best that this technology can produce.