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Laser Cutting | Laser Cutting Pretoria

Laser Cutting and Other Types of Engraving Done in Pretoria

Laser cutting or engraving is a process where lasers are used to mark an item without the use of inks or any tools that make contact with the surface. Other forms of cutting or engraving involve marking by means of direct contact with the item and often also the application of ink in the process.

Laser cutting can refer to numerous techniques to mark items including that of bonding and printing. Not all items can be cut in this way and as such a list of items suitable for laser marking is normally available at the service provider.

Laser Cutting in Pretoria

Trophy & Medal Boutique is a Pretoria based company known for high quality laser engraving services in addition to more conventional engraving methods. The client thus has a choice of engraving methods, depending on the item to be marked. We also have the items in stock as well as association with several companies providing promotional items suitable for laser marking.

How does the Process Work?

The process involves the use of a high resolution beam that reacts with the surface. Heat is created by means of the beam that then in effect cuts the image onto the surface.

Other Types of Engraving

Apart from laser engraving other methods are also often used today including that of computer based where jewellery can be cut and lettering done on even curved surfaces. With the pantograph method detailed letters can be engraved on items. The Burr method involves the use of a small drill that spins at high speed allowing for marking of the metal surface. Hand engraving is one of the oldest methods still used today for exceptionally fine work and is still an art form.

Materials qualifying for laser cutting include that of plastics, metals, jewellery, and coated metals.

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