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Laser Cutting Technology

Precise Perfection with Laser Cutting Technology

For most winners and high achievers who receive a medal or trophy, it is important that the item which indicates and celebrates their achievement reflects the nature of the events in which they participated. Depending on the material from which this symbol of exceptional excellence is made, the quality of laser cutting or engraving is important if you want it to look perfect.

Custom Designs

We are often requested to produce custom-designed items at the Trophy & Medal Boutique, conveniently located in the Pretoria East suburb of Garsfontein. Luckily, advanced modern technology now presents us with almost endless manufacturing possibilities and choices.

The Advantages of Laser Cutting

CNC laser cutting technology presents an almost limitless range of execution options in a variety of materials. The advantages of utilising this modern type of laser profile cutting technology are many.

  • Computer numerical control, a.k.a. CNC, enables the operator to produce profiles that are detailed and accurate representations of the original design (or engraving), because the programmed computer controls the cutting laser, instead of hoping the best with eye-hand coordination. The hand may inadvertently move or shake under the pressure to produce a perfectly executed cut, and the eye may mislead an operator who is focused and concentrating closely on the task at hand.
  • A CNC machine removes all potential inaccuracies and discrepancies, which are typically evident in freehand cutting.
  • CNC laser cutting technology enables one to reproduce identical copies of the original profile. This is the optimal solution for producing not just one-off items, but multiple awards and tokens for team members.
  • Edges and angles are completely clean and clear, devoid of even the smallest differences and faults.
  • The array of materials that can be laser cut is extensive, which further extends customers’ tailor-made award options.

Premier Supplier of Products and Services

Trophy & Medal Boutique is one of southern and central Africa’s premier suppliers of a host of products and services of innovative and creative signage, award, promotional gifts, and branding solutions. Armed with the knowledge, expertise, and resources to excel in our endeavours, we strive to set the benchmark in these constantly evolving areas.

Moreover, we always aim to satisfy or exceed our clients’ expectations, irrespective of the complexity of their requests and specifications. To this end, we believe in treating our customers, staff members, community, and our environment as our valued partners. Without any of these vital sectors of our business, we couldn’t hope to maintain our success and sterling reputation.

Whether you want embroidered, branded T-shirts, unusual and innovative corporate gifts, custom or stock plaques or shields, custom-made medals or uniquely designed items, perfected by our precision laser cutting techniques, Trophy & Medal Boutique offers you true boutique services and products, at exceptionally affordable rates. Contact us for more information.