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Laser Cutting: The Advantages

A Cut Above: The Advantages of Laser Cutting

The advancement of technology has delivered numerous benefits for producers and consumers alike. Many of these benefits have specifically enabled us to mass produce products of high quality at consistently lower prices, while maintaining a very high level of precision. One of these techniques that has proved to be both highly effective and very popular is laser cutting. This process allows for the speedy production of highly finessed items made from an array of materials, and which are suitable for a variety of uses.

Precision and Uniformity

Laser cutting makes use of highly focussed laser beams to cut through materials, resulting in a very clean cut and smooth finish. This technique is very precise and can produce multiple items that are all bespoke, neat, and uniform – perfect for corporate requirements, as well as smaller or multi-part items that need to fit a specific template.


Another technique used to create bespoke items is casting these items in pre-created moulds. However, because of the fact that a mould first has to be created, and because that mould would, in many instances, not be used again, this is a costly process that is only suitable for the production of large quantities. Laser cutting offers a more affordable solution depending on the required design, and is more cost-effective for the production of smaller quantities of items.


Various laser cutting processes exist, making it possible to cut a variety of materials. While it is not ideal to cut certain plastics and flammable materials using this technology due to the fact that it can release harmful gases or catch fire, it is still suitable for cutting a large number of materials, including acrylic, plexiglass, wood, glass, certain cloth like felt, hemp, and cotton, and in the case of specialised equipment, even diamonds.


Because of the fact that it makes it possible to produce polished, bespoke items at an affordable price, this technique enables companies and organisations of all sizes to create and manufacture their own, unique designs. It can thus be used to create exclusive items for a particular customer unlike any other designs on the market, and within budgetary limitations.

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