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Laser Cutting Your Awards

Reasons to Partner with Trophy & Medal Boutique for Laser Cutting Your Awards

There are many achievements for which you can give people trophies and medals. Designed to be constant reminders that last a lifetime, trophies, plaques, and medals are often awarded to motivate employees, honour business partners, or thank customers and suppliers for their business and support. Symbols of success, achievement, excellence, and appreciation, trophies and medals are the best way to remember achievements.

But award ceremonies and corporate events are incomplete when you do not invest in appropriate, high-quality awards branded with your logo and message. You want to be sure that you pick the best supplier and engraver, as the trophy that is going to be awarded carries your name. We believe there is no better way to motivate and acknowledge the recipients of your awards than by awarding them with customised trophies or medals with engraving to immortalise their achievements.

We Specialise in the Design, Manufacture, and Distribution of Medals, Trophies, and Plaques

At Trophy & Medal Boutique, we specialise in the design, manufacture, distribution, and laser cutting of innovative and contemporary trophies, medallions, plaques, and medals. As a leading supplier of awards and with over 30 years of experience in the industry, our passion and commitment are inspired by the desire to create trophies and medals that will become memorable heirlooms for many generations to come. As a trophy supplier that has amassed a long list of satisfied clients over the years, we take pride in our design skills, incomparable service, high-quality awards, and timely delivery – and we never compromise when it comes to quality because we have a stellar reputation to uphold.

Our Laser-Cutting Service is Fast, Flexible, and Precise

Not only do we provide a top-quality range of medals, coins, medallions, trophies, plaques, and all manner of corporate gifts, but we also offer state-of-the-art laser engraving that provides that classy, professional touch. We also do the engraving of doctors’ bronze plaques and can create special awards on wooden plaques. Laser cutting is an advanced, fast, flexible, and precise technology. We take great pride in the precision and edge quality achieved by our laser cutting service, making it far superior to traditional methods. Our professional laser cutters know their trade well and are skilled in making your awards look their best. We engrave on the premises and adhere to a strict proofing process to ensure that you can view and sign off your awards before they are being engraved.

Talk to us today for all your trophy and medal laser-cutting requirements.