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Looking at Corporate Awards

A Closer Look at Corporate Awards

Corporate awards are a great way to reward the hardworking members of your company and to boost overall company morale. As the years go by, industry awards become renowned and well-recognised in the industry. This year has been challenging for many businesses all around the world, which makes giving end-of-year awards all the more deserved. Be sure to invest in an award that is tailored to match the prestige and honour of holding the specific title. To help you make your choice in finding the best corporate award, we have listed a few of our top choices below.

Crystal Trophies

Crystal trophies are a top choice when it comes to awards around the world. The sleek design and cut allow for an elegant and professional feel, which will look astounding in any office or display room. Each crystal is shaped and designed to fit the customers’ requirements and is available in various shapes and sizes. Its smooth edges created an overall polished and sophisticated look and feel, without you having to break the bank.

Plaques and Shields

Plaques and shields have also become a popular choice during corporate awards. Plaques can pay tribute to an individual’s career or can represent a legacy of many different individuals who have managed to achieve greatness. At Trophy and Medal Boutique, we create plaques and shields that do not only celebrate an achievement, but that tell a story through its design, engravement, and imagery.

Custom Awards

Corporate awards are known for being bespoke to the company, as well as the specific industry they are in. Ensure that yours are designed in a way that reflects your company’s mission, vision, and ethos. Consider ordering a custom award that is tailored to not only the award but the person it is being awarded to. From statues to pillars, Trophy and Medal Boutique specialises in creating a one-of-a-kind award that will surely spark up a conversation when spotted on the display cabinet. If you are looking for some inspiration, be sure to browse through our collection.

If you enjoyed this read, browse through our large variety of trophies and medals on our website. At Trophy and Medal Boutique, we also offer a variety of additional services to our clients, such as corporate gifting and corporate clothing. Be sure to contact one of our team members about any questions or queries you may have.