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Maintaining Your Trophies

How to Maintain Your Trophies

You’ve recently purchased a gorgeous trophy from Trophy & Medal Boutique and have put it proudly on display. It’s unique and it probably signifies something great, like a recent achievement, which is why trophies are so important in the first place.

However, over time, your precious trophy may start to exhibit some wear and tear. This is, unfortunately, unavoidable, but there are ways to combat it. In this article, we inform you, our valued customer, how to properly maintain your trophies.


The best way to ensure that your award stands the test of time is by regularly cleaning it. Now, there is a right and wrong way of doing this, so it doesn’t help to very literally spit and polish. First, you need to know what type of material your trophy is made of as different types of material will, of course, require different cleaning methods.

For example, plastic trophies are very easy to clean as they are quite durable. They simply need water and a soft cloth and that will do. But not all awards will be this easy to spruce up. A more complicated material is silver, so if you own a silver or silver-plated trophy, now would be the time to take notes. When cleaning your trophy, avoid using materials that can damage silver, such as newspaper, and don’t use polishing cream unless the silver is extremely damaged. Rather use a polishing cloth if you want to remove any marks or fingerprints. Simply move the cloth gently in a straight line and in one direction, and, should you decide to use a cream, make sure that it’s specifically meant for silver-based products. This is also true for most of your metal awards, like gold and bronze.

When it comes to glass and crystal trophies, just dusting often can be enough, though wiping them with a cloth and soapy water can also be used to remove marks. Glass cleaner can be used for more stubborn marks, while toothpaste applied using a soft cloth can remove light scratches (who knew?). Acrylic trophies can be similarly cleaned, though you should avoid household cleaning products when cleaning these.


While regular cleaning is the most important part of trophy maintenance, storage can also be quite the life-saver. When storing your trophy away in a storage box or cupboard, it is important to remember that constant exposure to air, humidity, or dampness can severely damage most materials. This is why most people will choose to wrap their trophies up first. When doing this, avoid newspapers at all costs and rather stick to tissue and plastic bags. Now, you may want to leave your trophy on display as you rightfully should. In this case, we’d suggest purchasing a display case from us to protect your hard-earned award from inevitable weathering.

So, contact us today and get a quote or find more helpful advice on our blog.