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Marble Trophies for Sale

Looking for Marble Trophies for Sale? We can Help!

While there are a lot of different types of trophies and awards used in a variety of environments, marble trophies have their own charm and significance. Marble signifies strength, longevity, beauty, and achievement. Awarding someone a heavy marble trophy will create an indelible memory, and because marble can last and remain beautiful for centuries, it is truly one of the best materials when it comes to choosing an award or trophy for someone who achieved something exceptional.

Marble trophies are hard to beat – they are solid objects that are wonderful to look at. Presenting someone with one of these, instead of a lightweight cup or trophy somehow signifies a much higher level of prestige. The weight of it is equal to the weight of the achievement, and it somehow seems a lot more significant with marble. The awarding of a trophy puts a tangible and long-lasting value on the achievement and serves as a continuous reminder of what was achieved. In ancient times, these were something to behold, but as time moved on and technology improved, there is now a wide range of trophies and medals for sale in just about any price bracket. You can get anything from plastic cups to marble trophies for sale, yet they all signify the same thing: achievement in some form or another.

Ancient Greeks started the tradition of awarding soldiers prizes or awards for good performance. In olden times, these brave souls were awarded a variety of things to reward them for achievement or accomplishment in battle or training. Often, they were awarded shields, coins (or medals), and sometimes even olive oil (which is where the wreath comes from).

When you are looking for marble trophies for sale, there are a few things that you have to consider. You have to find a trophy that is heavy and solid, because this carries the perception of quality. Some types of trophies are set on marble bases, and this is because marble provides the weight needed to keep the trophy upright and stable. Marble can also be engraved but, since engraving without a shadow or lighting colour can get lost in the marble, it is best to find a specialist that can engrave marble and imprint it with a coloured paint to make the letters stand out better. It is also good to engrave a plaque and attach it to the marble trophy.

If you are looking for the best marble trophies for sale, have a look at our catalogue online or contact our team at Trophy & Medal Boutique for more information!