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Medals and Staff Empowerment

How Medals Can Feature in Your Staff Empowerment Plan

Everyone involved in marketing will know how important it is to recognise accomplishments and rewards. Positive reinforcement is a lot more effective than negative reinforcement. It is hard to keep a sales department motivated, and they are only effective if they feel that they are contributing to a particular cause – even if it requires enough sales of sweets or items that would be otherwise directed at a niche market.

One of the best ways to reward your sales team for their efforts is financial. Studies, however, have shown that there are other ways of motivating sales teams as well. Individuals, as well as collective efforts, have to be recognised. Creating a large event and handing out medals to the best performers will boost their motivation and self-esteem. These can be displayed as a visual representation of the performance and accomplishments of the people involved.

There is no point in putting in massive efforts into your sales catalogue and client visits if there is no reward. In a lot of cases, companies have deadlines and sales targets. While sales reps try to reach these targets, they are not always motivated enough to do so.

While money does provide motivation, recognition and status have shown to be more important than mere financial rewards. The non-financial aspects of recognition, for example, promotion or the awards of medals or plaques, can actually play a large role. People are not only motivated by money. They are motivated by the recognition of their achievements. If this is in conjunction with a monetary reward, it is all the better.

This is why so many companies have awards ceremonies which celebrate and recognise the personal achievement of the individuals and the teams with the best sales records with medals or trophies. These are not mere objects of beauty; they are also confirmations of achievements and accomplishments.

There are many different types of medals – the first were created during Roman times when soldiers were rewarded for their performance during battle with coins of silver. In those times, silver was more valuable than gold, so a silver medal exemplified a range of achievements and accomplishments.

Nowadays, however, if you want to reward someone for some extraordinary achievement, medals are the way to go! This is one of the main reasons why medals are still the ubiquitous symbols of accomplishment at the Olympics and various other sporting events. Contact our team at Trophy & Medal Boutique for more information today.