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Medals and Trophies

The Symbolism Behind Medals and Trophies

We’d all agree, it feels great being rewarded for our hard work and dedication. Medals and trophies play an important role in celebrating that victory and stand as a reminder of your accomplishments, and the achievements of those around you too. When putting medals and trophies on display, it isn’t about boasting, but rather a symbol of what can happen with the right team, support, and mentality.

The Power of Effort

The symbolism behind medals and trophies means that showcasing your awards becomes a reminder of the excellent work you put into something. You get to celebrate the fact that hard work paid off. Although everyone has different talents, it takes time and dedication to turn that talent into gold. A trophy embodies the importance of hard work and can motivate you and those around you to keep working towards looming goals.

Willingness to Try New Things

Regardless of your achievement – whether it’s a trophy for first place or a medal for participation – it should be something that you are proud of. Displaying your awards shows that you manifested the spirit to try new things and, most importantly, the fact that you didn’t give up. Ultimately, we all move forward when we celebrate the victories and successes of those around us – such is the symbolism behind medals and trophies. Allow your trophy to be a symbol of success for others, spurring them on to attain their own.


No one starts off being an expert in their field. Chances are before someone received their first-place trophy, there were many failures and losses that had gone before. When thinking of your greatest achievement, there are bound to be many sacrifices and trying times that came along with it. Let your medals and trophies act as a daily reminder of your dedication, and the constant self-discipline that played a role in achieving your goals.

The Strength in Support

Many people prefer to keep their medals and trophies on display where they can share the victory with loved ones and those who helped them in their journey of achieving greatness. Without the support and encouragement of those around you, many accomplishments would be unattainable. Allow your trophy to pay tribute to those who invested in your dreams and believed in you all the way.

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