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Medals and Trophies

Medals and Trophies Are Still the Human Way of Recognition and Prestige

You might remember receiving an award in your younger school days, or you might be competing right now as an adult for the medals and trophies with which we populate our various fields of human endeavour. Either way, no matter what the occasion past or present, the human activity of awarding accolades has hale origins, and remains to this day our preferred method of recognising achievement, and giving competitors a lasting symbol of their performance.

The ancients were stingy! It used to be that only the first-place winner in sporting events, for example, was awarded some form of recognition for winning a race of whatever nature. It slowly dawned on humanity that all athletes or competitors in a given field are worthy of recognition for their efforts that place them apart from the rest of us. The tradition of rewarding winners with a medal or, more usually, a trophy of some kind, started to filter down to include runners-up. In some arenas-think of the Comrades Marathon-it’s obvious that everyone achieving a certain mark is deserving of recognition, hence the advent of coin-like medals, usually a stamped metal and over-sized coin emblem that can be hung around a person’s neck.


Medals and Trophies Are Recognised All Over the World

As a human behaviour, awarding medals and trophies is a global phenomenon. While medals typically go to individuals and trophies to teams, that’s not always the case. Indeed, many team players in recognised sports will get their own medal as recognition of their participation, even if their team ends up winning the final winner’s trophy. The principal rationale behind these accolades has remained unchanged for thousands of years. It is to recognise achievement, reward participants, and provide the motivation for future success. Everyone can have a nice luxury sedan car, for example, but not everyone has a sporting or other award to showcase their achievement in a unique arena. It’s special.

Looking at academia, where awards are given, it embellishes a positive learning environment, and it goes to boosting recipients’ confidence while assuring more of the same effort in the future. Of course, medals and trophies come in a dizzying array of shapes, sizes, and materials. Today’s options are smart and attractive, often very attractive, with the better-known sporting cups, recognised all over the world as a symbol of achievement.


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