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Medals and Trophies For Sale

Masterful Medal and Trophy Suppliers

Medals and trophies are awarded to winners, those who have excelled in a particular field of endeavour. Recipients are all persons who’ve accomplished noteworthy and outstanding achievements in any number of areas, which include an enormous variety of sporting disciplines, research, sciences, discoveries, inventions, the arts, academic pursuits, salesmanship, business, and altruistic causes.

In some major sporting competitions, winners and runners-up are awarded one or the other type of accolade. Receiving an Olympic medal is every athlete’s most highly-prized accolade. Equestrian event winners may be awarded rosettes, medals, or trophies, depending on the competition class and level. Top boxers are given a broad leather belt, bearing the ornate insignia of each weight class and its boxing match.

Military Decorations

As far as is known, military medals were amongst the first such tokens, awarded to ancient Roman soldiers, who had distinguished themselves in battle. This practice prevailed during both World Wars of the 20th century and continues to this very day.

Revered military medals included the Victoria Cross, the Iron Cross, the American Medal of Honor, the Purple Heart and in Britain, the Distinguished Service Cross and the Distinguished Flying Cross, amongst others.

In South Africa

South Africa also has its own set of military medals and other decorations, as well are more recently introduced awards The Order of Mapungubwe is this country’s highest meritorious award, worn around the neck like most medallions of honour, service, and achievement.


Traditionally, almost all trophies were shaped like goblet-type cups, with or without a pair of handles. These gleaming awards, made of metal, coated or gilded with bronze, silver or gold, are still popular, but a far more diverse selection of trophies is on offer now.

Designs and materials have evolved enormously and are no longer necessarily or exclusively represented by cups, made of metal. Just think of the world’s premier cycle race, which is currently taking place in Europe.

Although each leader in the various categories of le Tour de France is presented daily with a fluffy, toy-like lion, awards featuring cycling emblems, or a red race number, the riders’ most treasured trophies are their coloured jerseys – yellow for the overall winner, green for the most points, polka dots for the King of the Mountains, and white for the best young rider.

Specialist Award Suppliers

Irrespective of your award’s occasion or its reason, you’ll find a superb selection at South Africa’s Trophy and Medal Boutique, from traditional cups to virtually any custom-design you envision. You, your organisation, and its achievers are as important to us as the awards are to your deserving winners and top performers, whom you wish to recognise and honour. Everyone wins, with awards from and by us. If you are looking for trophies and medals, get in touch with us today.