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Medals & Employee Recognition

2 Excellent Reasons to Make Medals A Part of Your Employee-Recognition Programme

Did you know that one of the most important reasons an employee leaves their job is that they feel unappreciated? Every corporate can agree that success starts with a team of happy and motivated employees. Your workforce plays an extremely important role in your business’s success and when times are tough, your employees keep your business afloat. As the backbone of every organisation, motivated employees can be the difference between failure and success, which is why it is up to you to help them feel acknowledged and appreciated.

The crippling effects of unmotivated and unproductive employees can easily send a small or medium-sized organisation to its knees, which is why if you want to give your business the competitive edge it needs – and your staff motivated – by rewarding them with medals and trophies for a job well done. You might be wondering how is a medal is going to act as an incentive for your employees and make them work harder. Here are two reasons to make medals and trophies part of your employee-recognition programme:

  1. Medals last for years. When you award medals and trophies as rewards to deserving employees, it becomes a matter of pride. Money and gift vouchers will quickly be spent and soon forgotten, but medals are the best way to immortalise memories and this becomes an act of empowerment. When colleagues and other employees see the award, they too will feel motivated and inspired to be recognised and honoured in a similar way.
  2. Reduces employee turnover and improves retention rates. The war for talent is rife and the cost of staff turnover is on the rise, becoming a major problem in many industries and for many businesses. People increasingly crave a meaningful and fulfilling career and they want to work for a company where they fit in and belong. Employers that create an environment that motivates and rewards their people will attract the best talent, retain key employees, and, ultimately, stay ahead of the competition.

Recognition and appreciation matter. In fact, the majority of employees feel more satisfied with their jobs when they are being recognised and appreciated. Offering benefits that range from increased morale and productivity, higher employee retention, and attracting talent, to boosting motivation and confidence, there are many reasons to award your employees with medals, plaques, and trophies. And if you are not doing it, then you may well find yourself faced with the costs of repeated hiring and training – and lost productivity.