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Metal Key Rings

Metal Key Rings for Promotional Purposes

None of us really take the time to notice just how popular key rings are. In this day and age where we have keys and remotes for everything, having them attached to something is vitally important, and this is where metal key rings emerge in the market.

Metal key rings are preferred over plastic and other types of key rings for a number of very good reasons. For instance, metal is known to last a great deal longer and doesn’t easily succumb to the effects of wear and tear. Metal key rings can also be expected to withstand dropping a great deal easier than other varieties. Of course key rings are a vital marketing and advertising medium for many companies. If you want to get your name out there, perhaps you should consider having key rings designed for your clients and then having your logo and details embossed on side, or both sides?

At Trophy and Medal Boutique we offer to provide you with a range of fabulous key rings, ready for branding. We like to save our clients where we can so do not charge a mould or die cost should you place an order for 1000 key rings or more. You can choose a plain key ring with your details or even opt for something more fun, like multi-functional key rings that often have a bottle opener or flash drive attached. Whatever your requirements might be, we at Trophy and Medal Boutique will ensure that you are presented with a wide range to choose from.

Take the time to chat to us at Trophy and Medal Boutique about your needs and requirements when it comes to metal key rings and other promotional gear. We will ensure that you are presented with all the options available to you and that you are able to acquire new promotional items at a cost effective rate.

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