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Metal Trophies – For any Occasion

Metal Trophies – For Any Occasion

Ever wanted to reward someone for an outstanding achievement?  Were they particularly brave?  Did they perform exceptionally under difficult circumstances?  Did they achieve something special after years of hard work or came out on top at the end of a race?  You may want to consider awarding them a trophy.  What is a prize-giving without trophies after all?  This will give your winner or achiever something to be proud of, to put up on the mantelpiece and for other to notice and admire for years to come.  It may even be a good conversation point in an office or the front room.  There is a metal trophy for any occasion – they last practically forever, and it gives the winner a sense of achievement, accomplishment and satisfaction.

A trophy can be defined as an item which is given to a person or a group of individuals to reward them for achievement.  For centuries the trophy is the symbol of recognition of prestige.  They come in various shapes and sizes, and are usually made of metal.  The metal can be coated or plated with a variety of other metals such as gold, silver or copper for different effects.  Traditionally, trophies, or cups are silver plated, but with new technology advances, it is now possible for new metals to be applied.

In addition to the variety of plating there is also a wide variety of shapes available.  Ranging from the traditional cup shape to any kind of statuette, a trophy comes in many forms, and custom made trophies are also becoming fashionable.

To personalise the trophy it can be engraved with the achievement, date, person’s name and other details.  Even private achievements such as a 100th birthday or 50 wedding anniversary can be celebrated and recognised with a suitable trophy!  There is truly a metal trophy – for any occasion!