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Motivate Your Students with Academic Trophies

Recognise, Encourage, and Motivate Your Students with Academic Trophies

In these difficult economic times and with over 30% of South Africans without jobs, many hard-working scholars serious about their education are under immense stress about the future of their country. They need motivation, and the best way to do this is with an award-recognition programme.

Research has proven that recognition is more highly valued than money and that we should not limit it to the workplace. Just like employees often need motivation and encouragementwhich is the reason businesses acknowledge and appreciate with trophies, medals, and plaquesstudents also need the same, if not more.

Similar to sports, now more than ever, schools must recognise academic achievement with an award- recognition programme. Young scholars and high school students need encouragement and praise, and trophies and medals make them feel accepted and acknowledged. If you’re thinking about implementing an academic awards programme, here are some top reasons to motivate your scholars with academic trophies:

  1. They Will Display Them on a Mantelpiece or Shelf for Years

Schools give awards to students who go above and beyond and who accelerate in a specific academic area. It could be for English, debating, math, science, or any subject where students achieve excellent results through effort. Whereas paper awards have always been the standard, trophies are an extra special reward that students take home and cherish for years.

  1. It Might Increase the Chances of University and College Acceptance

Academic trophies in high school are worth so much more than just a piece of metal. Along with respectable grades, a list of academic trophies specified on a student’s application could go a long way in getting the student on a top college or university acceptance list. It can also help matriculates who apply for work after school to get the job. A CV with a list of academic achievements will look far more impressive than one without.

  1. They Encourage Confidence, Self-Discipline, and Accomplishment

Today students are under immense pressure, and while schools cannot control what goes on at home, they can motivate and teach self-discipline with awards. When scholars receive these awards, it boosts their confidence and teaches them they can achieve anything by applying themselves. Students feel a sense of accomplishment, which is something they will carry forward with them to university and life.

The academic arena provides many opportunities to award hard-working scholars for their efforts and achievements. If your organisation has left you in charge of finding trophies and medals for your award-recognition programme, Trophy & Medal Boutique will find the perfect awards for your high-achieving scholars.