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Outstanding Trophies and Plaques

Outstanding Trophies and Plaques for Achievers of Excellence

Trophies and plaques may serve the same purpose or be used interchangeably to make an award to a person or team that has won a competition or achieved excellence, despite usually having a different appearance, or being made in different formats.

The Cup

The cup is the best-known, most enduring trophy format. Nothing like a teacup, but instead resembling a wine goblet, with or without handles affixed to the sides, cups were the foremost type of trophy for many decades.

This traditional sought-after trophy would be made with a metal or alloy base and plated in a precious metal such as silver or gold. Occasionally, solid silver or sometimes even solid gold cups were produced, but that’s rare today, now that precious metal prices have soared to never-before-seen heights.

Nowadays, a cup’s outer surface may be finished with a somewhat more affordable layer of gilt, or other man-made coating substances that have a similar appearance to polished bronze, silver, or gold – the traditional metals that depict the third, second and first place in a contest. For stability and display purposes, the cup-type trophies are mounted on a base.

Stand and Wall-Mounted Plaques

Although shapes and designs vary greatly, plaques are made in a flat format and were initially used as nameplates, with or without the person’s designation and qualifications appearing below the name on the plate. Because of its format, a plaque is generally wall-mounted or fixed to a small stand to provide stability when the item is displayed on a flat surface.

Excellence, Achievement and Admiration

A plaque is usually the preferred award in a business or corporate environment, and academic or sporting field, typically presented at a formal event. Like trophies, the plaque signifies excellence, achievement, recognition, and admiration. Both types of awards have evolved extensively to include a multitude of new interpretations.

To the recipient, the real value of a trophy or plaque lies in the fact that their efforts and achievements have been noticed, recognised, and appreciated. To them, the monetary value or cost of the award may be secondary. Nevertheless, an award will be treasured and displayed proudly for many years to come, and it acts as an inspiration and a motivation – both to the recipient and to others who’d like to emulate their achievement.

Select the Best

Consequently, it is recommended that the person or organisation granting and presenting the award, selects the best quality, most innovative trophies or plaques that convey recognition, respect, appreciation, and admiration for outstanding achievement.

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