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Awards In Gauteng

Innovative And Creative Awards In Gauteng

Remember to enquire about the wide range of materials that can be used to produce awards in Gauteng. More traditional materials such as bronze or other metals for trophies are still very popular to present as awards. However, materials such as glass and Perspex are also becoming more and more in style to be used for awards. These materials can be sand blasted to give them a better texture and depth than your traditional materials and trophies. Glass and Perspex can also be moulded and shaped to suit a number of creative and innovative designs.

For something a little different for your awards in Gauteng with different materials and production techniques, please contact us.


Presenting Awards At A Ceremony

In any organisation it is important to recognise achievements and this can be done on an annual basis by holding a ceremony where awards can be presented to deserving individuals. The best time of year to do this is probably at the end of the year when people’s performance and achievements can be evaluated for the awards ceremony. You can even include this awards ceremony with your annual festive season function so that you will not have to plan two events at this time of year. Alternatively, you can hold an awards ceremony at the end of your company’s financial year when the total profit of the company over the last twelve months has been assessed.

To purchase awards to present to deserving members within your organisation at your next awards ceremony, you can contact us.

Corporate Recognition Awards

Motivate Your Employees With Corporate Recognition Awards

There is no better way to motivate your employees than by simply recognising the work that they put in and rewarding them in some way for their efforts. There are a number of different types of corporate recognition awards that you can use to achieve this. The simplest form of course being simple certificates that can be issued to employees who have a high level of work performance. You can also use plaques or trophies in a number of different shapes made from a variety of materials. You can have these engraved with the appropriate recognition as well as motivations for future performance.

Make sure that your employees keep up the good work with corporate recognition awards simply by contacting us.