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Custom Rugby Trophies

Custom Rugby Trophies for the Champions of Tomorrow

Every little boy (and even some little girls) dreams of being raised high above the shoulders of his rugby team mates and taking the world cup rugby trophy home. You can have custom rugby trophies made for your young future rugby stars so that they can experience the feeling that only comes with winning. This feeling is addictive and every team member will do his best to keep wining so that they can once again have the chance to hold custom rugby trophies aloft the next time they are the champions.

Make sure that you have the proudest team around with custom rugby trophies and contact us to begin the design process.

Custom Trophy

An Acrylic Custom Trophy

Acrylic is the ideal medium to produce a custom trophy. Acrylic comes in a variety of widths that can be cut and shaped to match any design that you have in mind. The medium is long wearing and tough and will not deteriorate or degrade over time. It has the same aesthetic value as glass but is not brittle and cannot break, chip or crack if it is dropped or bumped.

Acrylic can also be sand blasted to incorporate any artwork or information which you would like to have displayed on the trophy. To find out more about using acrylic for your custom trophy, please contact us.

Custom Soccer Medals

Die Casting and Custom Soccer Medals

It is not necessary to have trophies made for each member of your soccer team every time they win a match or tournament. You can have custom soccer medals for each player in variety of designs and from a number of materials.

A die is caste in the specific design that you have chosen for your custom soccer medals to ensure that each medal is identical. The molten metal that you have chosen is then poured into the caste and rapidly cooled. Each medal is then hung from a ribbon or strip that you have selected for the custom soccer medals.

To find out more about the process used to make custom soccer medals and have a die caste to match your distinctive design, please contact us.