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Reasons for Corporate Gifts

The What and Whys of Corporate Gifts

We are at the end of 2019, which means that it is that time of the year. The time where people are getting ready for the holidays and companies are finishing the year with year-end functions and award ceremonies. As such, you are most probably looking for high-quality corporate gifts and as one of Gauteng’s premier suppliers of innovative and creative items, we at Trophy & Medal Boutique will surely have exactly what you need.

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Laser Cutting Technology

Precise Perfection with Laser Cutting Technology

For most winners and high achievers who receive a medal or trophy, it is important that the item which indicates and celebrates their achievement reflects the nature of the events in which they participated. Depending on the material from which this symbol of exceptional excellence is made, the quality of laser cutting or engraving is important if you want it to look perfect.

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The History Of Medals

The History of Medals and Why They Are Still Important

Medals have been used for centuries to acknowledge achievements, accomplishments, and prestige. These typically consisted of a metallic object that varied in composition. Some were set in gold, while others were set in silver, and some in copper or other metals. They typically contained a design that described the origin and reason why they were awarded, and most of them had a sentimental value that exceeded the monetary value. Today, they are commonly used for commemorative purposes. They do not count so much in terms of monetary value.

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