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Appreciation Glass Sandblasting

Glass Sandblasting: Show Appreciation and Motivate with Personalised Awards

Are you planning an awards ceremony for your hard-working workers that have been slogging away during this scary, unprecedented time? Awards are a wonderful thing, and not just for children. Adults need motivation too, especially in the business world. Our economy is in dire trouble, and motivation, encouragement, acknowledgement, and praise can be the difference between a happy, productive employee and a depressed, disengaged employee. Continue reading

The Top 3 Trends in Trophy Customisation

Custom Trophies: The Top 3 Trends in Trophy Customisation

Nothing says prestige and honour like a bespoke trophy. It’s true; when someone receives a personalised trophy specifically designed for them, it speaks volumes. A custom trophy tells the recipient that the giver has designed something unique to show them just how much their effort, friendship, hard work, or dedication means to them or their organisation. Continue reading

Pristine Sports Medals

Top Tips to Keep Your Sports Medals in Pristine Condition

Everyone loves receiving trophies and medals – to be acknowledged and honoured with a medal for taking part in an event, breaking a record, or coming in at first place is a majestic feeling. Athletes sacrifice blood, sweat, and tears to achieve excellent results – and sports medals are there to remind them that dedication pays off. Continue reading