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Affordable Laser Engraving

Laser engraving is the new way to engrave a variety of materials from glass to metals. The design is simply entered into a computer and the laser then cuts into the material to the correct specifications. This saves time and can allow more complicated designs to be etched but can come at a higher cost. More affordable engraving uses traditional technology that must be done manually. If the design or writing that you wish to have engraved is simple, it is better to choose conventional engraving methods. Just ensure that the material you wish to have engraved is suitable for affordable engraving.

Affordable Trophies

Acrylic is good medium to consider if you are looking for affordable trophies. The trophies are flat and transparent and can be cut into a variety of shapes. The material can easily be etched with a design depicting what the award is for. The acrylic is set on a wooden base that can have a brass or other metal plaque attached to it. The plaque can be engraved with the information of your choosing. Acrylic is long lasting and will not corrode or wear away over time. The material is also aesthetically pleasing as it resembles glass and can be produced in a variety of thickness.

Belt Buckles Manufacture

Belt buckles manufacture use die casting techniques to produce a variety of designs from metal. The process involves forcing molten metal into a mould under high pressure. The mould can take on a variety of shapes and designs. The die needs to be cast from a harder metal that has a higher melting point than the metal being melted. The mould can be used over and over again accurately repeating the design of the belt buckle producing several items that are exactly alike. You can have a die cast in any design should you wish to have a personalised belt buckle.