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Trophies for Rugby Team

Do you still have all your trophies that you received for winning games for your school or varsity rugby team? Most people like to hold onto trophies for the rugby team as memorabilia. The trophies can be pulled out at any time so that you can relive your glory days on the rugby field as you grow older. You can also keep them to show your children and grandchildren so that they can be aware that their old man was a great sportsman in his day. This will allow the youth to look up to your achievements and try to follow in your footsteps so that they too can one day collect their trophies for the role they played in their rugby team.

Trophies for Soccer Team

team trophies

You should build a trophy cabinet in your sports centre or in your school so that you can display all the trophies that your team has collected through out the soccer season. Pride plays a big part in the game of soccer and it is necessary that the trophies for your soccer team be noticed by other people so that the team members can boast about there accomplishments. This will also help the soccer fans to know how well their team is doing so that they are better able to offer their support. Trophies belong in the limelight and not hidden away in some dark dank corner where no-one can enjoy them.