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Glass Sandblasting vs Laser Cutting

The Best Method for Engraving Glass and Acrylic Awards: Sandblasting vs Laser Cutting

Today, more than ever, awards in business, education and sports are essential. Symbols of success, achievement, excellence and appreciation – awards are the best way to frame memories on the wall of time. But award ceremonies and events are incomplete when you fail to invest in high-quality medals, plaques, medallions, or plates engraved with a personalised message and your business logo. Continue reading

Engraving: The Ultimate Tool to Brand Awareness

Engraving Glass, Metal and Crystal Gift: The Ultimate Tool to Brand Awareness

Today, businesses of all sizes are taking the strain. In a market flooded with competitors, it’s not enough to have a great product or service anymore. If you want to say top-of-mind to your loyal clients, you need to remind them you still exist. Continue reading

Maintaining Your Trophies & Medallions

Useful Tips to Help You Care for Your Medals, Trophies, and Medallions

Awards recognise the talent and efforts of winners, but medallions are so much more than just an award – they are symbols of excellence and achievement. Although the value of an award might not be astronomical in price, the prestige they hold has enormous gains for the receiver.

Continue reading