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Why Award Kids With Medals?

The Participation Medals Debate: Two Valuable Reasons Why Kids Should Receive Awards

For years, there has been an ongoing debate about whether it is healthy to award kids with participation medals. Participation medals are given to everyone on a team who competed in sports, drama, ballet, or academic events, rather than honouring the individual who achieved the highest score.

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Glass Sandblasting & Engraving

Your Questions Answered About Glass Sandblasting Engraving

Everyone loves receiving gifts, especially in the corporate world. As fickle as it may sound, gifting corporate gifts to your valued clients, suppliers, and high-performing sales executives pays off. Everyone wants to feel valued and respected, and corporate gift giving shows appreciation and encourages healthy business relationships. Whether you are thanking, congratulating, or awarding a milestone, there is no better gift than engraved crystal.

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Sandblasting Vs. Laser-cut Engraving

The Difference Between Sandblasting and Laser Cutting Engraving

It is no secret that South African businesses are struggling. With a market flooded with competitors, it is not enough to have a brilliant product or service anymore. If brands want to stand out and be remembered, they need to turn to old-school marketing tactics, such as engraved corporate gifts.

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