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Medals of Excellence

Medals: The Perfect Tool for Recognising Excellence and Boosting Performance

Who said that medals are only for athletes? Medals are so much more than just pieces of metal — they are symbols of excellence and achievement. Long recognised to show that one has achieved a significant position in a chosen field, they are a pat on the back by people with clout who mean it when they say, “Excellent job!”

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Medallions of Praise

Employee World Appreciation Day: Recognise, Appreciate and Thank with Engraved Medallions

With Employee World Appreciation Day coming up on 6 March, have you decided how you will show your hard-working employees how much you value and appreciate them? Many businesses do not realise the value that their employees bring to their brand. Your employees are the backbone of your company.

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Sandblasting vs. Engraving

Glass Sandblasting vs Laser Engraving: You Can See the Difference!

Are you getting ready to host an awards ceremony but feel stuck between choosing sandblasting or laser engraving for your awards? While both engraving methods are great, both have their pros and cons. A crystal medal, trophy, or plaque is a huge honour and can be proudly framed on a wall of time. Before making your decision, it’s important to know why sandblasting is the superior choice when it comes to crystal or glass engraving.

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