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Academic Trophies and Medals

Even Brainiacs get Trophies

When we hit the right age as children, we get sent to school – an institution that will mould and shape the next twelve years of our lives. Some call it a prison for kids, others refer to it as an institute for learning on both academic and social levels. Regardless of how you look at it, academic trophies and medals will always form part of a school career.

For those of us who chose to spend the afternoons buried in homework and doing projects on the computer, rewards for academics were no rare occasion. Of course, some of us had the rare talent to excel both in the classroom and out on the rugby field, leaving our parents with a mountain of trophies and medals to carry after award ceremonies at the school. Continue reading

Acrylic Trophies for Awards

Trophy Awarded!

Life is about accomplishing goals, reaching new heights, and becoming better at what we do. In some cases, these feats are rewarded, and sometimes, we can only give ourselves a pat on the back. When greatness is rewarded for certain achievements, we need something to commemorate and remember it by, like acrylic trophies or gold medals for coming in first place. We can keep these awards for the rest of our lives – celebrating the victory and recollecting the memories of that day.

Whether we get awarded Employee of the Month, or win the local push-kart derby, we get to celebrate it in some fashion. Some of us collect trophies and medals from a very early age in life by dominating in school sports and athletics, or academics for that matter, leaving our childhood bedrooms looking like Ferrari’s trophy room in Maranello. Still, there is something special about a unique trophy that has your name engraved on it. Continue reading

Custom-Made Trophies for Awards

Custom-Made Trophies for Awards for the Workplace, Sports Field and Classroom

Competition is a part of life. It’s something experienced in the workplace, on the sports field, in the classroom, and even in social environments. A competitive nature is encouraged, in order to get the best results, which is why so many companies, sports clubs and schools hand out awards in various forms. The awards are significant, as they imply being “the best”, or show that you have achieved a goal worthy of recognition, and that’s why the need and demand for trophies, medals and awards exists. Continue reading