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School Trophies 2017

Teach Students the Value of Hard Work with Trophies in 2017

We all know that trophies are given out in schools to show recognition and reward students for hard work, but that is not all. They also serve as great motivation to get other students to work harder to achieve that award or recognition themselves. By presenting students with trophies, the school is providing them with a reason to work harder. It’s a great way to get students to associate diligence with great rewards. Reward systems have been used with great success over the years in both academic and corporate environments. Continue reading

Trophy Specials 2017

Discover Our Range of Trophy Specials for 2017

With the new year already well underway, you are probably aware of an influx of eager achievers with their eyes on the proverbial prize. Individuals are undoubtedly eager to achieve more and get ahead this year, which means that you will need to get your hands on a new range of trophies, medals, prizes and similar. Whether you are working in the corporate environment, academic field or sports arena, it is likely that you’re responsible for awarding participants and achievers, and we’re here to help. With a range of trophy specials for 2017, we will ensure that you can proudly incentivise achievements on the sports field, in the classroom and even in the corporate environment. We have a trophy for every occasion and we cannot wait to show them off to you! Continue reading

Trophies and Engravings

Trophies and Engravings Still Have Their Place in Modern Society

Do trophies really have a place in modern society? The short and simple answer is a great resounding “YES”! The value of awarding staff members, students, volunteers and achievers with trophies and engravings should not be overlooked. In fact, the concept of incentivising participation, whether it’s in sporting events or corporate endeavours, has been proven to really work. And by “work”, we mean that it’s an effective means of spurring individuals and teams on to work harder, dedicate more, and essentially achieve their best. Continue reading