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Trophy & Medal Boutique: Quality Medals for High-Achieving Individuals

With the year ending, many private and government organisations, educational institutions, and corporates will shower their high achievers with tokens of appreciation and gratitude. But shopping for awards is not as easy as walking into an R10 store and grabbing all their gold and silver figurines. Medals honour performance and achievement, and they also reflect your values and standards, which is why you must ensure superior quality medals. As one of South Africa’s top trophy and medal suppliers, and experts in laser cutting and sandblast engraving, here is how we can meet your expectations.
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Laser Cutting Your Awards: When Excellence Deserves Recognition

If you are like most businesses, you are probably rushing to get everything done for the year and to prepare for the new year. While many businesses like to end the year with a workplace lunch at a snazzy restaurant, which is always a great way to show your appreciation; many businesses also like to reward their employees with medals, plaques, and even trophies.
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Sandblasting: The Premier Method for Engraving Your Glass and Crystal Awards

Want to present a token of appreciation to your hard-working executives with a glass award that they can be proud to display but now you’re in two minds over whether to laser or sandblast the awards? When engraving medals, trophies, or plaques, a popular alternative to laser engraving is sandblasting. While both methods have advantages and disadvantages, sandblasting is widely used in the awards industry – and for very good reasons.
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