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Discount Trophies

Discount Trophies Do Not Necessarily Have to Translate into Inferior Trophies

There is a difference between discount trophies and inherently cheap trophies. The one is manufactured smartly and efficiently to utilise bulk buying and economic power, and keep rates competitive, while the other uses inferior-quality raw materials to artificially keep rates down, thereby reducing the aesthetic value of the trophies. Ultimately, it is up to you to make a wise purchase decision, and to choose the service provider you choose to work with carefully.

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Professional Engraving

Professional Engraving Can Help You Memorialise a Hard-Earned Award

Although you have decided to reward your team for their hard work throughout the year with beautiful awards, you can take the recognition to another level by having a professional engraver mark the award with a special engraving. By doing so, you merely add even more value and sentiment to the trophy or medal you are awarding to your team.

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Corporate Idenitity Lapel Badges

Showcase your Corporate Identity with Beautifully Designed Lapel Badges

Lapel badges will never go out of style. Worn by presidents, presidents of organisations, boy and girl scouts, etc. these badges have a rich tradition that dates back many decades. Even though lapel badges are quite small, their significant meaning is not. With such a small badge, you can communicate a lot to the audience, both of the person wearing it, and what the actual badge represents.

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