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Why You Should Choose Our Trophy Shop in Pretoria

Why You Should Choose Our Trophy Shop in Pretoria

If you are planning an awards ceremony or some event where you will be rewarding people for some kind of exceptional achievement with a beautiful award, you need to look at our product range at Trophy & Medal Boutique. As a trophy shop in Pretoria that is held in very high regard by many clients across the country, we take our business very seriously. We are passionate about providing you with high-quality trophies and other similar items that are durable, beautiful and affordable.

Since opening our doors in 1989, we have focused on the design and creation of innovative, modern and contemporary awards suitable for even the most discerning occasion. We take great pride in our imaginative approach to award design and we strive to always provide our clients with the awards and promotional items that they need, and when they need it. In addition to this, our product ranges at our trophy shop in Pretoria are highly cost-effective and impressive, and you will have to go a long way to find awards and trophies that are as highly desired ours.

In addition to providing our clients with long-lasting quality trophies at highly competitive prices, we also specialise in a range of branded and promotional items that can help you to get your brand out there. Brand recognition is very important if you are to grow a customer base, but it is important to get the right message out there with the right items. We believe that quality and grand design can have a significant impact on how a brand, service or business is perceived by the potential target market, and we work very hard to ensure that we are always on top of new innovations and developments in the industry in order to bring our clients the best products possible.

Because we are so well-known in this country, our products are fast becoming known within the industry as the standard to strive for. We take great pride in our employees and we invest heavily in their professional development and training, as well as the best and most modern technology available in order to stay ahead of the game. We always aim to grow our place in the industry and to maintain a steady profit that will allow us to focus on the needs of our clients at all times.

If you are looking for a trophy shop in Pretoria that can provide you with outstanding products, awards, promotional and branded items, please give our team at Trophy & Medal Boutique a call today!

The Emotional Value of Decorative Glass Trophies

The Emotional Value of Decorative Glass Trophies

Everybody knows that decorative glass trophies are used for much more than a reward to celebrate or acknowledge a particular event or achievement. The joy of receiving such a trophy goes way beyond the immediate acknowledgement that it indicates at the time. This is why decorative glass trophies can be so valuable… the emotional value these items carry is often a lot more valuable than the trophy itself!

The incentive industry is not only successful because the suppliers sell good looking decorative glass trophies, but because there is also an ingrained value in receiving an award that is intangible and in some ways more valuable than cash. It helps to motivate and drive performance, and brings people to aspire to new heights. It is more about the experience than the value of the trophy. At the end of the day, people become highly motivated by pleasant experiences, and receiving recognition in the way of a trophy is essentially a good experience. These experiences remain in the memory for a long time – most people can still remember all the awards they received in their lives, even those received in junior school for winning a race or excelling in academic achievement.

Trophy value works well because they trigger a memory, a feeling of self-worth, as well as a feeling of pride that is not easily forgotten. Having a tangible example to display such as a memorable award piece or decorative glass trophies helps to solidify that validation of something done well, and the feeling of accomplishment that goes along with it. The piece will remain there – it cannot be spent on groceries, clothing, petrol or other things that may take the fancy. It is there to stay and to remain in its true form to remind the recipient of that moment in life when he or she was rewarded for something great that was done.

Because a trophy is something that will stay with you and motivate you in the long term, reminding you of something wonderful you have done, you need a piece that is long-lasting and attractive. Decorative glass trophies are durable and beautiful, and make great display pieces that could lead to some very interesting conversations. Whether they are placed on a mantelpiece, in a display cupboard or in an office, they are great to look at and easy to remember.

If you would like to reward someone for something really special, check out our range our range of decorative glass trophies at Trophy & Medal Boutique!

Pillar Trophies and More

Using Pillar Trophies and other Awards as Reward and Recognition

Trophies and other types of awards have been used for centuries to reward employees, soldiers, sports competitors, and participants of events for their efforts. These trophies present people with an opportunity to be recognised for their performance or achievement, and doing this has a range of benefits. Not only does it provide validation of effort and performance, but it also provides a timely reminder that the person gets to keep and display (if they choose to do so) to remind others of their outstanding performance or achievements.

Pillar trophies are typically awarded to achievers in sports events, and there are a few different types of pillar trophies that can be used to indicate the significance of the occasion or achievement. There are also a lot of other types of trophies that can be used as a reward, and they always provide the winner with some sort of recognition of hard work or a great deal of effort.

When it comes to employees, it is crucial to recognise hard work, talent, and achievement. Winning a trophy makes them feel that they have accomplished something special; that the hard work or long hours were well worth it, and this motivates them to achieve even greater things! Let’s face it; all employers want a motivated workforce.

When it comes to schools or academic institutions, pillar trophies also play a great part in motivation and reward. Students and school children who receive these awards also feel that they stand out from the crowd, that they have done something worthwhile, and that they have been given an opportunity to shine.

Pillar trophies are there to remind us of the origins of trophies and awards. The ancient Greeks used trophies to reward soldiers and sports heroes. The pillars signify the pillars used in the most important and famous Greek and Roman buildings of the time, and these pillars signify strength and longevity. These trophies are therefore there to remind us of the achievements of ancient peoples, and to repeat these in the modern day.

If you are looking for pillar trophies, or any other kind of trophy, medal, or award for any occasion, give our team at Trophy & Medal Boutique a call. We have a wide range to choose from and we can create the types of awards and trophies you need to reward anyone for just about anything. We also provide gifts and creative awards for your occasion! Call us today to find out more about our product range.