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School Awards and Trophies

Meritorious Awards and Trophies for Scholars

Competition is as healthy and beneficial at school level, as it is in business. Winning and being awarded a trophy is extremely satisfying to young winners – motivating them to strive for even higher levels of achievement. Losing teaches scholars about good sportsmanship, and the value of perseverance and practice.

Although the first seven years of a child’s life are known as the formative years, which largely determine the person that they will become one day as an adult, children continue to learn and grow throughout their schooling and beyond. Continue reading

Custom Trophies and Awards

Get your Custom Trophies and Awards from Specialists

Some time ago, most trophies awarded to winners consisted of metal (usually silver or nickel silver plated) cups which were of a relative standard design, having a shape resembling that of a stemmed wine glass, with the addition of a pair of handles or cup ears (one on each side).

Although these evocative trophies are still available and will always remain sought after, most sporting disciplines present their winners and runners-up with customised trophies, which usually reflect some element or image of the sport for which they’re awarded. Continue reading

Find Trophies in Pretoria

Found – Pretoria’s One-Stop Trophy and Award Outlet

Winning a trophy is an extremely momentous occasion. It indicates that a competition of some type has taken place and someone has emerged as the victor, able to see off other competitors and achieve the best possible result or highest score in doing so.

This is key to our Pretoria-based trophy supply business, where local customers and those from far and wide are able to find the perfect awards with which to honour or thank high achievers of all types. Continue reading