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Trophy Shop Pretoria East

Pretoria East’s Premier Trophy Shop

Right now, at the beginning of August 2016, trophies and medals are uppermost in the minds of people worldwide, and that includes almost everyone who visits our Pretoria East trophy shop to acquire medals, trophies, engraving and related services.

Currently, sportsmen and women everywhere, local and international sporting bodies and supporters are focussed on the greatest and most highly regarded sporting competition of all time – the Olympic games. Continue reading

Affordable Trophies for Sale

Affordable Trophies Don’t Equal Inferior Trophies

Many people are wary of opting for affordable trophies for sale, as they think that it means that they are sacrificing quality for affordability. While this might be the case in certain instances, it definitely isn’t with us. There are very good reasons behind why we are able to keep our prices so competitively low, and they have nothing to do with skimping on the quality of our trophies, medals and awards. Continue reading

Trophies Pretoria from Trophy and Medal Boutique

Stand Out from Other Employers with Quality Trophies in Pretoria

In order for any company to operate competitively today, they have to vie against their competitors for the limited skilled labour in the marketplace. You have to make your business attractive as an employer to attract and retain the best human resources available in South Africa today. One way of doing so is to acknowledge the contributions that your staff members make with quality trophies, medals and other awards. Not only does this inspire greater company loyalty among your workforce, but it can also ultimately boost your company’s reputation as a favourable employer to work for. Continue reading