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Awards Season

It’s Time for Awards Season

The end of the year is fast approaching and that means awards season is here. Soon many companies will host their end-of-year functions and every school will have its awards ceremonies. Many people will get to walk up to a stage, shake hands with their boss or principal, and receive their prize. Continue reading

The Importance of Trophies

The Importance of Trophies

Nothing beats that feeling of being credited for all your hard work and dedication. After all, if you’ve earned it, a hearty “well done” feels fantastic. But, sometimes it helps when that sense of satisfaction is actually made tangible. That’s where trophies come in! They are a solid representation of the work and/or dedication you have put into your career, sports, or education. Continue reading

Reward Achievement With Plaques

A Great Way to Reward Achievement

We uphold a time-honoured tradition of rewarding achievement, and that happens not only in sports but also in the academic and commercial arenas. In fact, as trophy makers know, there is a constant need for awards from all sectors of society. Thinking only of school sports, it’s apparent that of course there are annual student intakes, implying that each year there will be a percentage of awards that are not floating trophies but rather individualised, take-home-forever kinds of awards. Continue reading