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Sandblasting: The Premier Method for Engraving Your Glass and Crystal Awards

Want to present a token of appreciation to your hard-working executives with a glass award that they can be proud to display but now you’re in two minds over whether to laser or sandblast the awards? When engraving medals, trophies, or plaques, a popular alternative to laser engraving is sandblasting. While both methods have advantages and disadvantages, sandblasting is widely used in the awards industry – and for very good reasons.
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Cement Relationships and Better Your Image with Corporate Gifts Your Clients Will Appreciate

One of the best things about Christmas is that it offers businesses the perfect opportunity to give back to those who have contributed to their success. It is also a fantastic way to cement relationships and share the Christmas cheer. But in today’s competitive marketplace paired with tough economic times, choosing a gift that will leave a lasting impression is more important than ever.
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Medals Of All Kinds

Medals All the Way

We have all received a medal for one thing or another, but how much do we know about the history and the uses of medals? How long have we been using them as a way to commemorate an event or award it as a distinction to someone? Let’s have a look…

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