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Academic Trophies (School Trophies)

Reward Academic Excellence with Quality School Trophies

Few motivations are as effective as positive reinforcement to get pupils to offer their best during the academic calendar year. Rewarding your students with well-deserved and hard-earned academic trophies for excellence achieved remains a great way to incentivise them to reach their full potential. It also fosters a healthy level of competitiveness among students, and acts as a rewarding accolade after a year of hard work and sacrifice.

These are only a few of the many reasons why it pays to invest in great quality academic trophies for your student body. When you spend money on beautiful, tailored and quality trophies, you also illustrate to your students and their parents that the school truly values the efforts, hard work and contributions of both students and parents. It is also a definite way of ensuring that students continue to perform at their peak. Continue reading

Sports Medals and Awards

Your Team Deserves Recognition – Invest in Quality Medals and Awards

After a long season of strong competition and pushing through personal barriers to achieve new heights, your sports team deserves the recognition that they worked so hard for. With beautifully designed and customised sports medals, you can reward your team members for their hard work and dedication throughout the season, and show them that their sacrifices have been acknowledged. Continue reading

Crystal Trophies

Add Flair to Your Awards Evening with Beautiful Crystal Trophies

Crystal trophies have always been popular in South Africa, but in recent years, this trend has taken an even firmer hold among the corporate and sports awards industry. Sports teams, business departments and groups of all creed prefer crystal trophies for their sleek sophistication and inexpensive opulence.

Everyone has received gifts that didn’t involve a lot of thought and personal planning. Their significance is somehow diminished because of this. With a personalised crystal trophy with the recipient’s name, date and achievement engraved on it, the significance of the success and accomplishment is more profound. It remains one of the best ways in which to motivate your team members to greatness, and thanking them for their hard work and commitment by recognising the positive impact their contributions have made. Continue reading