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Trophy & Medal Boutique (about us)

For nearly thirty years, Trophy & Medal Boutique has been bringing our innovative and award-winning creativity to the southern African and extended region. Our trophies, medals and other corporate gifts have become popular in the marketplace because of their quality, durability and affordability. Since 1989, we have been the preferred choice of businesses and private consumers for innovatively designed and expertly executed medals and trophies.

Our branding company brings the capability, knowledge, skills and resources needed to the market to produce top of the line products at the very best rates available. We are proud of our long history of service, and continue to provide our customers with the excellent value for money and exceptional quality that they deserve. Continue reading

Sports Medals and Trophies

Show Your Appreciation with Quality Sports Medals and Trophies

After a long season of tough training and competition, your team deserves to be recognised with quality sports medals and trophies. It’s what they have been working and striving for all season, and nothing is more rewarding than being recognised with personalised and tailored medals and trophies. Do you have to break your sports team or school’s budget to afford the best? Not at all.

At Trophy & Medal Boutique, we work hard to keep our prices competitive and market related. Thanks to our exceptional buying power, we are able to make our products available at the very best rates possible. This means that you can buy beautiful, custom or stock sports medals and trophies, and afford the very best. Continue reading

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