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Glass Trophies vs Crystal

Glass Trophies vs Crystal Trophies

There is something magical about making something so tailored and so detailed from something as fragile as glass. Glass trophies have become extremely popular and have an elegant and timeless look and feel. When choosing the right trophy for your awards, glass trophies typically stand out due to their versatility, sophistication and of course, that crisp sparkle. At Trophy & Medal Boutique, we offer a large range of glass as well as crystal trophies. However, we frequently get asked about what the actual difference is between the two. To help you with your choice, we’ve compiled a list of the few major differences and similarities between glass trophies and crystal trophies. Continue reading

Wood and Acrylic Trophy Awards

The Beauty of Wood and Acrylic Trophy Awards

Receiving an award is a proud moment in anyone’s life, especially if it’s specifically designed for you and has your name and achievements engraved into it. Wood and Acrylic Trophy Awards stand as a reminder of your perseverance, talent, and passion. Not only does it celebrate your triumph, but it symbolises the support and love of all those around you who have been rooting for you all the way and want to share in your victory. Continue reading

Trophies Plaques Range

Corporate Gift Ideas: Trophies and Plaques

The culture and environment of a workplace is a massive factor when it comes to the general happiness and mindset of your employees. To increase motivation, drive and passion, the most important thing you can do is to show your employees that they are appreciated and that their hard work is not only recognised but appreciated too. Continue reading