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Trophies (For All Your 2016 Trophy Needs)

An Affordable and Reliable Solution for All Your 2016 Trophy Needs

Companies of all shapes and sizes are always in search of ways in which to illustrate their appreciation of employees, colleagues and team members’ hard work and dedicated commitment throughout the year. Oftentimes, there is a need for trophies throughout the year, not just once at the end of the financial year. With big projects that require a team effort or special accomplishments in different departments requiring exceptional recognition, custom-made quality trophies can adequately convey management’s gratitude to employees.

Acknowledging the contribution that employees make can lead to many other positives, both for the company and for the team spirit of different divisions within the organisation. Valued team members feel more loyal toward their employers, and a motivated team is proven to perform better. These are only a few of the reasons why so many companies still choose to invest in trophies as a way of recognising the impact and excellence of valued employees and team members. Continue reading

Custom Trophies and Medals

The Power of Custom Trophies and Medals

You don’t have to look too far to identify the value of quality custom-made trophies. By investing in custom trophies and medals, you illustrate to your employees or team members that you truly value their input, hard work and sacrifices throughout the year. While generic trophies can be effective in many instances, paying to have something custom made just shows another level of appreciation for their loyalty and commitment to your organisation. Continue reading

Affordable Trophies for Sale

Save Money with Affordable and Quality Trophies and Medals for Sale in South Africa

Companies, sports groups and organisations of all shapes and sizes have a need for affordable trophies and medals. These accolades act as recognition for the sacrifices, hard work and accomplishments of employees and team members. Whether you buy a custom-made trophy or invest in a stock medal, the impact that these awards can have on team spirit and on your team members can’t be weighed in money. Continue reading