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Trophies and Medals for Sports

Are Medals for Sports Important in SA?

In the sporting community, a trophy or medal is a symbol of victory – winning! And while winning isn’t the focus of every game, it can be quite satisfying to receive an award for your skills and achievements. Awards aren’t just for the educational and corporate environment. They certainly have their place on the sport’s field too. Medals for sports have earned their place in today’s society, which happens to be a highly competitive one. One doesn’t get ahead in the sporting world without being competitive, so such medals and awards are highly encouraged.

A medal or trophy is a token of achievement, so it’s natural for an individual to want to work towards it. The concept of only one or two awards being up for grabs will also push sporting participants to work harder and put in their best. Continue reading

Glass Trophies & More

Glass Trophies and More – Available at Trophy & Medal Boutique

In the competitive world that we live in, it’s difficult to imagine awards, prizes and recognition not being part of our lives. Whether you are working towards an achievement in the corporate world, at university or school, chances are high that you are doing it for the recognition, just as much as you are doing it for the step up that it can give you in your career, passion or studies. Of course, if you are in charge of arranging the awards, you will want to have access to a range of trophies and more. In recent times, a trend towards glass trophies has definitely been seen, but this hasn’t decreased the popularity of other types of trophies, medals and awards. Continue reading

School Medals and Awards

Boost Competition & Motivate Students with School Medals and Awards

The motivation that school medals and awards can stir up in an academic and sporting environment is phenomenal. In the schooling environment, it is important to spark a competitive nature, along with ambition and motivation, in students, and many institutions have realised the true value in presenting students with medals and awards that provide them with much needed and appreciated recognition for their hard work.

There is no hard and fast rule about how a medal or award should look, which really gives each school the opportunity to get creative and design an award that will soon be coveted by the students. Medals and awards are available for both academic and sporting achievements, and with the help of our team, you can have an entire series of branded awards created on time and for a price that you can afford. Continue reading