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Trophies and Engravings

Trophies and Engravings Still Have Their Place in Modern Society

Do trophies really have a place in modern society? The short and simple answer is a great resounding “YES”! The value of awarding staff members, students, volunteers and achievers with trophies and engravings should not be overlooked. In fact, the concept of incentivising participation, whether it’s in sporting events or corporate endeavours, has been proven to really work. And by “work”, we mean that it’s an effective means of spurring individuals and teams on to work harder, dedicate more, and essentially achieve their best. Continue reading

Engraving and Plaques

The Many Uses of Plaques!

If you think of a plaque, you will probably think of an award, and while plaques have predominantly been used as awards for many years, this is certainly not their primary use. The plaque is a versatile product that if designed correctly, can provide the type of recognition required in an upmarket and classy manner. Plaques are commonly used to provide recognition for a job well done, sports achievements and academic achievements, but there are also various other commemorative uses of plaques. Here are just a few: Continue reading

Custom Made Keyrings

Unlock the Marketing Potential of Custom Keyrings for the Benefit of Your Business

Keyrings are nothing new. In fact, they seem to have been a popular marketing item for quite some time now. In the beginning, it seemed to be only motor car dealerships that capitalised on the functionality and marketing potential of the keyring, but times quickly changed and nowadays, millions of businesses enjoy the very same benefits of such an effective marketing item. What makes keyrings so loved and such big sellers is that they look great and serve a purpose too. Continue reading