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Trophies Pretoria from Trophy and Medal Boutique

Stand Out from Other Employers with Quality Trophies in Pretoria

In order for any company to operate competitively today, they have to vie against their competitors for the limited skilled labour in the marketplace. You have to make your business attractive as an employer to attract and retain the best human resources available in South Africa today. One way of doing so is to acknowledge the contributions that your staff members make with quality trophies, medals and other awards. Not only does this inspire greater company loyalty among your workforce, but it can also ultimately boost your company’s reputation as a favourable employer to work for. Continue reading

Top Quality Academic Awards and Trophies

Your Students Work Hard, Reward Them with Quality Academic Awards and Trophies

After a long year of juggling life, sports and other after-school activities, your students deserve to be recognised for their academic performance. Invest in quality academic awards and trophies that are tailored and customised. It is always a great feeling when receiving recognition for your hard work and perseverance, all the more so when the awards are tailored to you specifically. Continue reading

Pillar Trophies and More

Use Customised Pillar Trophies to Show Your Appreciation

Trophies are symbolic of the appreciation you feel towards your team members, students or staff for their dedication and hard work during a tough season or year. Businesses, schools and charities often wish to recognise individuals who deliver exceptional contributions to the organisation. Additionally, victors of sports tournaments who bring great acclaim to their sports teams and organisations also deserve special recognition for their efforts. Continue reading