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Soccer Medals

Soccer Medals, Trophies and Awards – Order Online Today

In the sporting world, awards and prizes are required in order to keep team players competitive and working hard towards achieving the goals and winning games and matches. Soccer medals are a popular form of award for players in both the school and sports club environment. The most renowned sporting individuals of our time started out small in school or at their local sports club and as time passed, have grown to be the successes that they are, and this was not without reward or praise.

Of course a love for the sport is also required and that is what makes these players so dedicated to the game and the win. At Trophy & Medal Boutique we offer a wide range of medals, trophies, prizes and awards that are absolutely ideal for sporting activities. While we have a standard range on offer, it is important to note that we can custom make items for you, as long as you provide us with your specifications and give us enough lead time. We welcome last minute orders too however and will endeavour to get them delivered to you as soon as humanly possible. We offer both die struck and casted options to choose from and can offer you just about any shape and size that you want.

When ordering these items from us, it is important to keep in mind that the bigger the quantity you order, the cheaper the batch will cost. For orders of 1000 pieces or more, we charge no die or mould fee, which can save you quite a bit in the long run. Of course you should take the time to browse through our range and chat to one of our consultants about your specific needs.

Allow us to provide you with all the awards, trophies and prizes required to make your sportsmen and women feel as if they are striving towards an achievement of worth. Order your soccer medals from us and save on time, money and effort today.

Corporate Awards

Corporate Awards, Trophies and Medals for Your Consideration

In the corporate world it is vitally important to reward and recognize individuals and teams for their hard work, effort and achievements. Management teams have long since been providing team members with corporate awards in order to ensure that the hard work continues and that motivation is experienced by each individual in the company.

Corporate awards are usually made available at every level within a company. These can be made available as plaques, figurines, cups or trophies. Regardless of the type of award it is, it will need to be impressive and carry the company logo and details of the award. At Trophy and Medal Boutique we are able to provide awards to companies and customise them with their logo, details and so on. We can even engrave the names of the winners of each award onto the trophy or item, on an ongoing basis. We make use of laser engraving techniques which guarantees a neat and modern appearance.

When it comes to finding a reliable and cost-effective supplier of awards for use in the corporate world, Trophy and Medal Boutique simply outshines the rest. With items that offer absolute product quality and exceptional value for money, there is no wonder why so many companies are turning to this team for assistance. Our awards, trophies and promotional items are guaranteed to present a stable and impressive image of your company and what it stands for. Take the time to discuss your unique requirements with one of our team members, who will ensure that your every need and requirement is met.

At Trophy and Medal Boutique our top priority is to supply you with a top quality item and phenomenal service to match. Browse through our range of corporate awards, medals and trophies and find something that simply speaks for itself. Order online or telephonically from us today.

Football Trophies

Football Trophies and Awards – Order From Us Today

Football is a sport that is played and enjoyed by a great many children and adults not just in South Africa, but across the world. While it is the game that is enjoyed, each team and individual player covets the prize of winning which usually consists of football trophies and medals. Receiving an award or recognition for achievement is important in both the sporting and academic worlds.

While football trophies can take on many forms, it is important to seek out those that present quality as well as value for money. From leading suppliers or trophies and medals such as us at Trophy and Medal Boutique, you will find that there are resin, wood, figurine, cup, crystal, acrylic, 3D, marble and even glass varieties to choose from. While each football club and team are different, so are the trophies and medals that they have on offer.

At Trophy and Medal Boutique we don’t just offer a range of trophies and medals ideal for academic and sporting situations. We ensure that each of our products offer exceptional quality and value for money. We will also ensure that you are provided with access to our engraving services so that everything can be done in one place. We offer laser engraving of trophies, medals and even promotional items. When it comes to trophies for football, take a browse through what we have on offer. If you are looking for something unique or specific, let us know and we will see what we are able to arrange for you.

Take the time to chat to one of our consultants about your need for football trophies, medals and other awards. Our team will ensure that you are provided with access to a wide range of awards and trophies that are guaranteed to last, and of course impress.