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Pillar Trophies and More

Use Customised Pillar Trophies to Show Your Appreciation

Trophies are symbolic of the appreciation you feel towards your team members, students or staff for their dedication and hard work during a tough season or year. Businesses, schools and charities often wish to recognise individuals who deliver exceptional contributions to the organisation. Additionally, victors of sports tournaments who bring great acclaim to their sports teams and organisations also deserve special recognition for their efforts. Continue reading

Glass Trophies and Variations

Buy Variations of Tailor-Made Glass Trophies

At Trophy & Medal Boutique, we have spent decades learning about the needs that our clients face. After many years, we continue to refine our service and product offering to meet these demands. While we do sell stock metal and glass trophies, we also sell many variations of other designs. Oftentimes, stock trophies just won’t do, so our clients require a custom glass trophy design.

In this instance, we are more than happy to design and manufacture trophies that are tailored to your specific needs. Bringing many years of expertise to the industry, we use the very latest and most innovative technology in the design and manufacturing of our products. This ensures that you enjoy exceptional quality and great value, and that you can rest assured knowing that you will receive beautifully-customised trophies for your sports team, employees or colleagues. Continue reading

Metal Trophies and More

Show Your Appreciation with Beautifully-Designed Metal Trophies

Sports teams, work organisations and many other groups all require trophies and medals each year to show their appreciation to members. There are few things in life as incentivising as when people’s achievements are acknowledged in front of their peers. After a long year of hard work, sacrifice and accomplishments, reward your team with quality and beautifully-designed and engraved metal trophies.

Take your organisation to the next level by keeping your team inspired throughout the year. Recognise their accomplishments and contributions to the success of your team or company, and invest in beautiful metal trophies. There are so many options available for you to choose from that you are sure to find something that appeals to your tastes. Should you not find the exact metal trophy that appeals to you, one can be custom designed and manufactured to meet your specific needs. Continue reading