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Metal Trophies – For any Occasion

Metal Trophies – For Any Occasion

Ever wanted to reward someone for an outstanding achievement?  Were they particularly brave?  Did they perform exceptionally under difficult circumstances?  Did they achieve something special after years of hard work or came out on top at the end of a race?  You may want to consider awarding them a trophy.  What is a prize-giving without trophies after all?  This will give your winner or achiever something to be proud of, to put up on the mantelpiece and for other to notice and admire for years to come.  It may even be a good conversation point in an office or the front room.  There is a metal trophy for any occasion – they last practically forever, and it gives the winner a sense of achievement, accomplishment and satisfaction.

A trophy can be defined as an item which is given to a person or a group of individuals to reward them for achievement.  For centuries the trophy is the symbol of recognition of prestige.  They come in various shapes and sizes, and are usually made of metal.  The metal can be coated or plated with a variety of other metals such as gold, silver or copper for different effects.  Traditionally, trophies, or cups are silver plated, but with new technology advances, it is now possible for new metals to be applied.

In addition to the variety of plating there is also a wide variety of shapes available.  Ranging from the traditional cup shape to any kind of statuette, a trophy comes in many forms, and custom made trophies are also becoming fashionable.

To personalise the trophy it can be engraved with the achievement, date, person’s name and other details.  Even private achievements such as a 100th birthday or 50 wedding anniversary can be celebrated and recognised with a suitable trophy!  There is truly a metal trophy – for any occasion!

Glass Sandblasting – Styles

Glass Sandblasting – Styles and Art for Every Trophy

Sandblasting has been used for centuries to create images and emboss glass, and it is considered one of the most versatile engraving techniques.  A sand blasting tool called an air nozzle is used to blast very fine sand at high pressure against the glass, and this causes abrasions or engravings in a particular pattern.

There are different types of glass sandblasting – styles can vary quite considerably.  The use of various types of sand allow for a variety of different looks and finishes to the end product.  Often the etching has a layered and richly textured appearance which is very attractive with a sense of timeless beauty, and be enjoyed for a long time and cherished for life.

Sandblasting is typically used on glass, but can also be used successfully on crystal as well, and can be used to great effect on glass trophies and glasses.  Any kind of image or text can be blasted onto the surface which will allow the item to be personalised with logo or insignia, and a good sandblaster can create some amazingly artistic images with depth and texture.

Glass sandblasting styles can vary from simple one-dimensional text to large works of art with varied levels and textures.  It can be automated and done by machine or manually.  Machines normally operate via a template which it “looks” at and copies, while manual sandblasting is considered the fine art of a skilled artisan.

The sandblasting is usually done inside a type of blasting cabinet.  This cabinet captures the flying sand and glass dust, and prevents it from escaping into the room.  It also ventilates the blasting area to keep the view clear if blasting is being done by hand.  The artisan will typically stand in front of the cabinet and work through viewer with two gloves inside the cabinet.

If you need a stunning glass trophy or embossed crystal, then choose glass sandblasting – styles and engraving can be tailored to your requirements. Contact us for more information and for a look at our great sandblasted items we can produce for you!

Order Trophies and Medals from the Best

Order Trophies and Medals from the Best Supplier

Trophies and medals have been used for centuries to celebrate some form of personal or team achievement, and they are used most notably in sport.  Cultural and artistic medals and trophies also exist, such as the Oscar.  In historic times, the trophy was usually some kind of token that reinforces a certain image – for instance, a soldier may take something from a kill, the hunter may carry a boar’s tooth as evidence of his hunting talent and a fisherman could thread shark’s teeth onto a thread.  These things all serve as symbols or tokens of prowess, skill and talent.  The medal or trophy also needs to be symbolic and artistically made, and if you order trophies and medals from the best supplier you can find, you are bound to end up with good results.

History of Trophies

It is difficult to trace exactly where the cup-shape of the trophy comes from but it is thought to be a version of the “cup of love” which was used in churches.  These cups often contained water or wine, and was passed around the community to share to strengthen community bonds during difficult times and for religious purposes.  The cup had two handles in order to make it easier to pass from one person to another.  They can range in size and can sometimes be rather large, and in order to get the best design for your trophy, it is recommended that you order trophies and medals from the best supplier available.

Trophies are not only in cup shapes but come in various shapes and sizes and are made from a wide range of materials.  Glass domes, crystal pyramids, gold statues, wooden boxes, and metal plaques are only a few examples.  Trophies can be made to be quite elaborate and heavy and many interesting versions have appeared over the last fifty years.  The traditional trophy used in football and motor racing still remain a large metal cup, such as the FA cup used in the United Kingdom.

More about Medals

Medals have also been in used for a long time to reward achievers in many fields.  The most notable medals are used for the Olympic Games.  Even though in the past Olympic winners earned a crown made of laurel, the more modern winners awarded medals in gold, silver and bronze.  Ironically, when the first Olympic Games were held at the end of the seventeenth century, the first prize was awarded a silver medal, as at the time it was worth more than gold.

This changed eight years later when the value of gold escalated and gold was introduced as the first prize. It is also thought that the actual medal originates from when winners of the games or other challenges were given financial reward in the form of metal by the emperor.  This usually consisted of a piece of valuable metal with the face of the emperor stamped on it.  The higher the ranking, the more valuable was the award.  Medals are used to commemorate anything from a sporting event to a cultural award or bravery in war.

Modern medals are quite similar to historic medals in that they are usually pieces of metal which has been molten and shaped into a circle or oval shape, and contains a particular insignia.  These insignia are usually stamped into or painted onto the medal.  A person who makes a medal is called a “medallist”.

If you are looking to order trophies and medals from the best supplier, we are the people you need.  We have ample experience in the industry and our helpful team are waiting for your call.