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Laser Cutting

Laser Cutting And Engraving Services And Products In South Africa

Laser cutting is a process whereby laser technology is used to mark objects without the use of inks or any tool bits to engrave the surface. The precision made possible with laser technology makes it possible to engrave on a wide variety of surfaces.

Laser Cutting and Engraving on Different Materials

Not all materials are suitable for laser cutting or marking and exceptional skill is still required to ensure perfect end-products. Types of materials that are suitable for laser marking include that of metals, stone, glass, jewellery and coated metals.

Metal Laser Engraving

Short wave lasers are used for cutting into metals. This ensures smooth lines and perfect patterns. Medals, name plates, lapel badges and custom belt buckles can be engraved using the laser technology. With coated metals, numerous colour backgrounds can be applied.

Jewellery Engraving

One of the best ways to personalise a piece of jewellery, especially if planning on presenting it as a gift, is to laser cut a message or name on the item. Whether it is a watch or a pendant, one can ensure a lasting memory with engraving. Amazing precision is possible through laser cutting and such is extremely important when working with items which are costly.

Glass Engraving

Glass is best suited for sandblasting rather than traditional laser marking. We offer numerous glass awards for corporate and school recognition ceremonies.

We have sophisticated laser cutting machinery, which we use for high precision work. With a combination of artistic skill, superior craftsmanship, understanding of client needs, and top notch equipment we can engrave on a wide range of surfaces. Whether it is an acrylic item or metal the precision work produced ensures superior finishes. From trophies to jewellery and accessories can be engraved at rather competitive prices.

Custom Belt Buckles

Custom Belt Buckles And Other Die Cut Products Available

Custom belt buckles have become rather popular in recent years. Due to technological advances it is now possible to create a wide range of designs suitable as:

  • Items for sale in gift shops.
  • Clothing accessories in retail stores.
  • Awards for recognition.
  • Club or organization badges.

Die casting and modelling have made it possible to create custom designs for belt buckles ensuring unique items. We can produce such in the quantities required by the client. Needless to say, bulk orders are priced lower.

In addition to custom made belt buckles we also produce a range of medals which can be in the form of die cut or sticker in various sizes and thickness. We have a full range of stock medals where the customer simply pays for the medals. For custom die cut or moulded medals, the client pays for the custom design.

Apart from the above, we also offer a full range of trophies. Whether the client wants acrylic, glass, crystal or cup trophies, we can supply in numerous sizes and shapes. In addition, the client furthermore has a choice of wooden plaques or marble trophies. Cup trophies are well-suited for sport and school recognition ceremonies while the acrylic, crystal, glass and marble trophies are well appreciated in the corporate world. From the standard figurines to custom designs are available at exceptionally competitive prices.

Engraved key rings in addition to a full range of lapel badges which can be engraved with the company logo are some of the other items that are available. Corporate gifts can be purchased from us and be engraved through the latest technological methods. We provide a range of engraving services. As such we are not only the best supplier of custom belt buckles, but also one of the most versatile trophy and award suppliers in Pretoria.

Corporate Award

Corporate Award Products Available For Recognition Ceremonies

Looking for the ideal corporate award? A few considerations in the selection of such awards are briefly discussed below:

How to Select the Most Appropriate Corporate Recognition Award

Consider the type of recognition that should be awarded. If it is for the Company Secretary of The Year, you will want to add a feminine touch. Glass awards are better suited for the purpose since wood plaques have a rather masculine feel to it. Likewise, if the award is for recognition for the best Production Manager in a manufacturing plant where the possibility is that the person receiving such will be male, go with the wooden plaque.

Glass and Wood

Glass, however, is not only suited for females, but the figurine can determine the purpose. You can create a glass sculpture of the product that your company sells. You can also use one of the more generic types and have a golden name plate added to the base.


Marble trophies are well suited for any type of corporate award ceremony. More abstract designs are recommended to ensure a professional end product. Elegance and a modern touch are associated with such awards which are perfect for managers.

Framed Certificates

Apart from wooden plaques you can also opt for framed certificate awards which look excellent on the desk of the employee or against the wall of one of the departments. Certificates offer more space to provide details regarding the corporate award.

Resin and Crystal

Resin trophies are perfect for figurines such as a boots& ball, eagle or an Oscar and can be made in various sizes. Crystal trophies are amongst the most popular corporate awards simply because of the elegance associated with such. From small to extra large sizes are available.

Acrylic Trophies

Acrylic trophies offer the same beauty as crystal trophies and are perfect for the company that has to give corporate recognition to several employees at an award ceremony. Simply review our many awards to get a feel for what is available for such.