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Award A Smart Hockey Trophy To The Winning Captain

Are you looking for a rugby, soccer or hockey trophy to award to the winning team at an inter-schools match?  Then speak to the professionals who have been supplying trophies, awards and medals to South African winners since 1989.

The material that the trophy is made of may depend on how many you need; if just one is to be handed to the captain of a team, a smart glass, metal or wooden hockey trophy is ideal.  Rather than handing out trophies to the team members, you can give them engraved medals to remember the victory.  We also offer corporate gifts, tog bags, printed T-shirts, plaques and school bars.

The Finest Corporate Gifts In Gauteng

Are you at a loss when searching for corporate gifts in Gauteng?  Let the trophy, medal and corporate gift specialists assist you today with the best corporate gift ideas.

The top supplier of corporate gifts in Gauteng has so many to choose from; you will more likely have trouble choosing among the grand variety.  What about a lead crystal whiskey decanter with four glasses, or a crystal water jug with two highballs on an exquisite Meranti tray?  Other gift ideas include folders, schnapps sets, shot glasses and coffee mugs.  Let the corporate gift specialists in Gauteng take care of all your corporate gift ideas.

Awards May Be Trophies, Badges Or Medals

Awards are handed out to victors and as such, they display on a symbolic level the pride and excellence of the winning person or team.  Awards can take on many forms, but they are usually awarded as trophies or medals.

Vast ranges of awards, trophies, badges and medals are offered nowadays.  They can be made of glass, wood, metal or plastic, depending on your requirements.  Your awards supplier should also be able to supply you with many other corporate gift ideas like folders, shot glasses, schnapps sets, crystal decanters, glass sets and many more.  Put a grandiose spin on your next event by acquiring beautiful awards and trophies from the established awards suppliers.