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Trophy and Medal Engravers

While it is always special receiving a trophy or medal, it is even more special receiving one that has been personalised just for you. Personalisation can be done via professional trophy and medal engravers, such as Trophy and Medal Boutique. This gives you the opportunity to include the winning individual or team’s name, as well as brand the award with your company or organisation’s logo.

Apart from being trophy and medal engravers, we also supply a wide variety of awards at Trophy and Medal Boutique. These include traditional cup trophies, plaques, medals and even lapel badges. In fact, we can even create your award for you to meet your specific requirements.

For more information on our services as trophy and medal engravers, as well as to browse our selection of premium awards, contact us at Trophy and Medal Boutique.

Corporate Awards

Most companies have some sort of corporate awards. Not only does this give recognition to those who perform exceptionally, but it also serves as motivation for increased performance levels. Whether it is formal or just for fun, why don’t you add a bit of glamour to the event by handing over proper corporate awards at this event?

Trophy and Medal Boutique boasts with an extensive range of corporate awards, suitable for any type of function. You can choose anything from trophies to medals to lapel badges, and you can even have this personalised and branded by making use of our professional engraving service.

Make your next corporate awards an event to remember – contact us at Trophy Medal Boutique to browse our selection of awards and to request your free quote.

Custom Medal for Athletics

You too can have a custom medal for athletics made for the sporting event you are planning. Trophy and Medal Boutique offer affordable and quality services and has the ability to make a custom medal for athletics for you according to your specifications. Whether it is for a large, professional event, or a fun school athletics meet, we can provide you with the medals you need.

In order to create a custom medal for athletics, we need to create a die. This allows us to produce the medal in any shape or size you require. And if you order more than 1 000 medals, the creation of the die is free! Feel free to contact us for more information on the type of medal for athletics we can create for you and to request your free quote.