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Corporate Idenitity Lapel Badges

Showcase your Corporate Identity with Beautifully Designed Lapel Badges

Lapel badges will never go out of style. Worn by presidents, presidents of organisations, boy and girl scouts, etc. these badges have a rich tradition that dates back many decades. Even though lapel badges are quite small, their significant meaning is not. With such a small badge, you can communicate a lot to the audience, both of the person wearing it, and what the actual badge represents.

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Beautiful Corporate Gifting

Give Credit Where Credit is Due with Beautiful Corporate Gifts

While corporate gifts have a rich history of being used to impress clients, and to act as a promotional tool, many companies also use these gifts to reward their employees for hard work, and for work done well. You can use it in order to reward your team for going the extra mile. One of the many reasons behind the popularity of corporate gifts, as a form of reward for employees, is that it can be as expensive or inexpensive as your budget allows.

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Football Medals and Trophies

Reward Your Team for Hard Work with Beautiful Football Medals and Trophies

South Africa has a rich culture of football, where sport is used to build bridges and unite society. From small children, to professional athletes and everyone in between, football has the unique ability to bring people from all walks of life together. With so many football clubs throughout the country, there is always a demand for medals and trophies to honour the dedication, sweat, and perseverance of those who love the game. When the time comes for you to recognise your team’s hard work and achievements, do not skimp.

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