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Trophies For Sale

Treating Winners to Trophies

Because it’s been done for centuries and today’s media reports widely on the results of a variety of popular competitive events, most people are aware that it’s common practice to award trophies to winners. However, these items represent a number of additional sentiments and advantages, directly or somewhat more subtly. Continue reading

Glass Sandblasting

Great Go-To Glass Sandblasting Solutions

Most people who have seen the stunning results of modern, artistic glass sandblasting techniques are astonished to learn that the basis and application of this procedure date back as far as 1870. This was when one Benjamin Chew Tilghman patented the first artificial sandblasting process. The process is also known as abrasive blasting because it utilises the abrasive characteristics of various media, especially sand. Continue reading

Medals and Trophies For Sale

Masterful Medal and Trophy Suppliers

Medals and trophies are awarded to winners, those who have excelled in a particular field of endeavour. Recipients are all persons who’ve accomplished noteworthy and outstanding achievements in any number of areas, which include an enormous variety of sporting disciplines, research, sciences, discoveries, inventions, the arts, academic pursuits, salesmanship, business, and altruistic causes. Continue reading