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Medal for Athletics

When you think of athletics, one of the images that jump to mind is the winner’s podium where the athletes receive their medals. But where do these medals come from? Trophy and Medal Boutique is a leading supplier of trophies, medals and other awards, and you can order a medal for athletics through us. Established in 1989, we have since expanded our range so that you can be sure you can find what you are looking for. You can either choose a medal for athletics from our existing range, or you can have a medal for athletics custom-made according to your specifications. We also do professional engraving, providing you with the opportunity for branding or personalising your medal for athletics.

Contact us at Trophy and Medal Boutique for more information on our wide range of award pieces and to start choosing your preferred medal for athletics.

Trophies for Sport

Trophy and Medal Boutique is one of the leading suppliers of trophies and medals in South Africa. Established in 1989, the focus was initially mainly on medals and trophies for sport, but over the years the range have been expanded to provide a comprehensive range of awards for all uses.

We have a wide range of stock trophies for sport that are aimed at specific sports, but we also have the ability to create custom-made trophies and medals for you. In addition to these items, we can also provide you with professional engraving services, perfect for branding or personalising trophies, as well as for floating trophies.

If you are planning a sporting event, contact us at Trophy and Medal Boutique to find out more about our outstanding collection of trophies for sport.

Trophies and Awards

Winning might not be everything, but it’s certainly something. We all like to win, and more than that, we like to be recognised for it. Trophy and Medal Boutique has the perfect selection of trophies and awards for such an occasion. Whether it’s a premium corporate award, a large sporting event or even a school prize giving, we can supply you with trophies and awards that meet your requirements.

You can choose an award from our extensive selection of trophies and medals, including general and sport specific designs, or you can have one custom made for you according to your specifications. We also do the engraving for trophies and awards, allowing you to brand a trophy with your company logo or the name of the winner.

For more information on our range of trophies and awards, contact us at Trophy and Medal Boutique.