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Cup Trophies

Cup Trophies – A Popular Choice 

When it comes to rewarding individuals and teams for hard work and achievements, the actual awards are quite important. The last thing any company, school or even sports club wants to do is hand over a prize or trophy that is of an inferior quality or doesn’t look great. Cup trophies, which seems to be a style that has stood the test of time, need to be well presented, shiny and on a sturdy support. Many establishments choose to have these engraved with the details of the award and the winners thereof.

It is important to choose your supplier of these items wisely as quality and value for money can easily be compromised if you shop with the wrong supplier. At Trophy & Medal Boutique we stock only the finest quality items for your consideration. When browsing through our range you will find only the utmost best quality made available at a cost effective rate. We have an existing range for you to choose from, but can assist you with having something specific made up.

At Trophy & Medal Boutique we also handle last minute bookings to the best of our ability. Let us know what you need and we will work efficiently to get the job ready on time, before your awards ceremony. We understand that rewards of this kind are used for motivation, incentive and to make your team members feel appreciated. With this in mind we ensure that they look absolutely fabulous before being provided to you. The items you choose will be the envy of any team.

Search through our various cup trophies and find the perfect item for your needs. We opened for business in 1989 and have been working ever since to ensure that you are provided with a phenomenal service and product options to match!

Rugby Trophies

Choosing the Perfect Rugby Trophies

Rugby trophies are always prestigious and carry a sense of flair and superiority. Just look at the popular trophy for the Rugby World Cup; it’s a symbol of pride and achievement. These symbols in sport represent a team’s achievement during a certain time period and should reflect glory and success.

This sport is known for its many championships and titles that are won every year, which is why the trophies need to fit in with these glorious and prestigious titles. From the earliest days of sporting history, trophies have been given to winning teams and one of the most popular ones is undoubtedly the Web Ellis cup that was first awarded in 1987. This is also the main prize for the Rugby World Cup series and this 4.5 kg trophy is made from gilded silver. The Calcutta Cup was first awarded in 1879 and is one of the oldest trophies around, while the Triple Crown trophy was known as the “invisible crown” as no trophy was made for this title until 2006.

Since rugby trophies will likely travel between different recipients over time it is essential that they are made to be durable and long lasting. There are many materials to choose from such as glass, marble and crystal. It all depends on your needs; glass has become very popular due to its durability, versatility and the fact that it is less expensive than crystal. Marble brings its own sense of style and can be the perfect trophy material.

Trophy & Medal Boutique is located in Pretoria and specialises in a variety of rugby trophies that are perfect for any sporting event. We provide custom engraving services on our premises and allow customers to choose from our wide variety of trophies, medals, and other promotional items.

Special Glass Trophies Awards

Special Glass Trophies to Last a Lifetime

A trophy is meant to last for years, often a lifetime. This is why it is important to consider the material that it should consist of. Most of the older trophies were usually made from wood or metal, but there are other options available today that allow you to get the most out of your award trophies.

Glass trophies are very popular and often more expensive. This is because the manufacturing costs of these items are higher, and it is a material that can last a lifetime. Glass is considered to be elegant and formal, which is perfect for trophies and other promotional items. It is something that shows quality and durability, and it is stylish as well. When you need to hand over an award to someone you want a trophy that is memorable and one that will fit in perfectly with the particular accomplishment. Glass is a very versatile material and it can be used for almost any type of award, especially since it can be made to fit any form and size. This material can easily be engraved when needed so it’s a very versatile material to work with.

Another benefit of glass trophies is their ability to be made into various colours such as blue, amber and red. This adds a personal touch to the items and it’s a great way for a company to fit them in with their overall branding and colours. Glass is much more elegant than acrylic, and it is also more affordable than crystal, making glass the preferred material to work with when creating customised trophies.

Trophy & Medal Boutique specialises in special glass trophies that can be custom made for almost any occasion or event. The company can also provide professional engraving services for customers who require it and this is done on the premises.