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Professional Laser Cutting

The Results Of Professional Laser Cutting

Professional laser cutting is used to produce trophies and awards that are both unusual and highly attractive. The use of professional laser cutting is limited to those companies that have access to the specialised equipment that is required to produce trophies that resemble works of art in their complexity and attractiveness. Should your sporting club or business organisation require trophies or awards that will truly stand out from the run of the mill then ask your supplier of trophies or a specialised glass cutting company if they can give you advice on where to source professional laser cutting services.

Professional laser cutting can result in exact replicas of sports or company logos being engraved on standard awards and trophies. Perhaps the most attractive way that professional laser cutting is used is to produce three dimensional almost holographic images within pieces of glass or Perspex. These awards stand out from the common plastic trophy or plaque that is usually awarded and will stand the test of time as a conversation piece in any home or office.

Professional laser cutting is both an art and an industrial process and the results are extremely attractive. The use of glass or Perspex gives the awards made using laser cutting a timeless and extremely attractive appearance. Many companies and organisations are turning to laser cutting as an alternative to the run of the mill award in order to demonstrate to their appreciation for the extra effort that is put in by an individual, a team or a department. Professional laser cutting offers quality awards and extremely good value for money. Always make sure that your supplier of professional laser cutting services is experienced at this complex procedure.

If you would like to know more about professional laser cutting and the awards that can be produced using this technique then contact us.

Laser Cutting Pretoria

Quality Laser Cutting In Pretoria

If you are in the market for a unique trophy or award, be it for performance on the sports field or in business then you will want to source an award that is both unique and reflects the ethos of the sport for which it will be awarded or the brand of the company that is making the award. Just such an award can be made possible by using laser cutting. Pretoria residents can get access to the quality awards made possible through the use of laser cutting by either sourcing the award through a specialist trophy shop or glass manufacturer or by using the Internet to order awards that use laser cutting. Pretoria has a number of specialised manufacturers that have the correct equipment to undertake laser cutting.

Laser cutting uses a template to engrave logos onto glass or Perspex with a high degree of accuracy made possible through the use of specialised equipment. Laser cutting can also be used to engrave logos and other representations on the inside of glass or Perspex solids, making this technique suitable for the production of eye catching and unique awards. The use of laser cutting or laser engraving results in the production of an extremely high quality finished product which is sure to take pride of place in the award recipients’ home or office.

In order to ensure that the laser cutting process is successful the organisation ordering the award should ensure that the engraver is supplied with a high quality example of the logo or other engraving that is to make up the award. By using laser cutting technology organisations based in Pretoria or elsewhere in Gauteng can ensure that the award being presented is both unique and that the awarding of trophies made using this technique will be an occasion that will be remembered long after the awards ceremony has closed.

Make your awards ceremony one to remember by ordering trophies that use laser cutting. Pretoria residents and those further afield can contact us for further information on this unique and eye catching way of making awards.

Wedding Gifts

Wedding Gifts For Guests

When that special day arrives and you’re surrounded by family and friends you’re going to want to give them something special to remind them of the day that your life changed forever. When you open up that wedding album years later, you’ll know that all those who attended your wedding also walked away with something special, wedding gifts if you will, to remind them of your special day. It lends a wedding reception a touch of class to have each table setting complete with a small gift for the attendees. For many this gift can consist of something of a utilitarian value such as a set of serviette holders or alternatively something that will simply be treasured because of its beauty.

There are a wide variety of different gifts that the bride and groom could consider when assessing the many different wedding gifts for guests. A good rule of thumb is to keep the gift small in size and not to be too ostentatious. A gift from the heart to commemorate the day is far more valuable than something large and overly expensive. In this setting good taste is often what sets unique wedding gifts apart from something that will be viewed as “too much”.

Some ideas for wedding gifts for the attendees of the reception include Swarovski crystal figurines, perhaps of something that means a lot to the bride and groom, or even a set of crystal glasses that will remind the attendees of the joyous day every time they use them. Gifts made of pewter are also acceptable, a sugar spoon or a honey ladle to remind people of the sweetness of the special day are both acceptable gifts.

A specialist trophy or medal shop can help you with your choice and offer advice on materials to be used for the gift. Some will even offer metal casting as a service which means that the happy couple can choose a design that is unique to their wedding.

For more information on wedding gifts for guests contact us.