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Special Glass Trophies Awards

Special Glass Trophies to Last a Lifetime

A trophy is meant to last for years, often a lifetime. This is why it is important to consider the material that it should consist of. Most of the older trophies were usually made from wood or metal, but there are other options available today that allow you to get the most out of your award trophies.

Glass trophies are very popular and often more expensive. This is because the manufacturing costs of these items are higher, and it is a material that can last a lifetime. Glass is considered to be elegant and formal, which is perfect for trophies and other promotional items. It is something that shows quality and durability, and it is stylish as well. When you need to hand over an award to someone you want a trophy that is memorable and one that will fit in perfectly with the particular accomplishment. Glass is a very versatile material and it can be used for almost any type of award, especially since it can be made to fit any form and size. This material can easily be engraved when needed so it’s a very versatile material to work with.

Another benefit of glass trophies is their ability to be made into various colours such as blue, amber and red. This adds a personal touch to the items and it’s a great way for a company to fit them in with their overall branding and colours. Glass is much more elegant than acrylic, and it is also more affordable than crystal, making glass the preferred material to work with when creating customised trophies.

Trophy & Medal Boutique specialises in special glass trophies that can be custom made for almost any occasion or event. The company can also provide professional engraving services for customers who require it and this is done on the premises.

Award Engraving

The Use of Engraving on Trophy Awards 

Schools, business corporations and charities wish to recognise people who have made substantial contributions to their association. The victors in all these cases deserve a special recognition for their efforts and contributions. This is why a custom award engraved with the person’s name or a unique message is much appreciated by the recipient. Awards come in all shapes and sizes and so does award engraving on these awards.

Trophies can be made from crystal or acrylic, to wood, glass and plastic materials. The engraving on your trophy or plaque can be as important, if not more important than the actual design and material of the trophy itself. The engraving is about what the handing-over of the trophy is about, and can have the greatest impact by using a great design and a personalised, dedicated message. At Trophy & Medal Boutique we offer expert engraving and design services to our valued customers on trophies, medals, badges, plates and much more with the use of state-of-the-art technologies.

Whether you need a logo, image or any type of written font, we can engrave it onto almost anything. Our staff is experienced in using the latest technology and will go out of their way to ensure your engraving lives up to your expectations and truly reflects your personal input. A huge inspiration of confidence and achievement comes from what an award engraving can bring to the recipient of the award.

We are considered to be the industry leaders in award engraving in South Africa and supply our customers with all their trophy and engraving requirements with regards to the design and make of custom awards. Our services extend to many different award types ranging from trophies, such as medals, badges, key rings, brass plates and much more.

Academic Trophies

Academic Trophies for Scholastic Awards 

An academic trophy is a memorable gift to any person, and one to be proud of to boot! The purpose of these trophies as awards is to honour those who have achieved exceptional success or top status in any specific field or event. It offers winners a sense of accomplishment and lets them know that all their hard work was worth it in the end. Academic trophies that are usually handed out to scholars, university students and corporate personnel are more formal in design as opposed to those that are used for sports events and other activities.

Academic trophies can be anything from plastic, acrylic, glass, clear glass, cut glass and plaque trophies. It all depends on those instituting the awards, but most common for academic awards are plaques. Plaques come in a variety of finishes and are often attached with a brass plate which displays the winner’s name engraved on it. This gives a personalised appearance to any trophy award and is often done. At Trophy & Medal Boutique we offer all of above and much, much more to our valued customers.

Since our inception in 1989, we have come to know that all trophies are mementoes that are treasured forever, and for this reason we supply you with any type of award trophy you can think of. We also know that when someone receives an academic trophy or any other for that matter, that they will place it in a prominent spot. With that said we take immense pride in all our work and deliver top quality in the making and supplying of our trophies and medals.

Have a look at our online brochure and at items that are on promotion, and feel free to contact our friendly staff with any query. We will work with you to help you choose the right awards and medals for your occasion. We also do sophisticated engraving on plates, special awards and wooden plaques.