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A Custom Made Lapel Badge

The next time HIV/AIDS or breast cancer awareness day rolls around, don’t settle for cheap red or pink ribbons to offer your employees and customers and opt for a lapel badge in the shape of a ribbon. The lapel badges can be made to any shape or size that you desire. Some lapel badge manufacturers may even have a set of stock lapel badges that suit your requirements. The greatest benefit is that every person receiving a badge will be able to use it again when the awareness day rolls around the following year.

Ensure that your employees look professional with a custom made lapel badge for any occasion or event and contact us to place your order today.

Sport Trophy Suppliers And Manufacturers

Make sure that you acquire your trophies and medals from quality sport trophy suppliers. Find out about the manufacturer that has provided the trophy suppliers with their stock and how the trophies are made and what materials are used in the manufacturing process. You can also contact the manufacturer directly and find out whether they can design and produce custom made trophies. Acquiring the trophies directly from the manufacturer may be more affordable than purchasing the items from a retailer or supplier.

For more information regarding sport trophy suppliers and manufacturers as well as the processes used to produce the trophies, please contact us.

A Suitable Golf Trophy

Golf was once described as a good walk spoiled but people all over the world play the game in the hopes of earning a golf trophy that they can proudly display. There are a wide range of golf trophies available to choose from and you can even have trophies designed and crafted to suit your requirements. You can choose a trophy in the shape of a golf ball, golf club or even a trophy depicting a golf player hitting the ball. You don’t have to stick to the traditional metal trophies and can choose glass or acrylic as a great medium for creating your custom made trophy.

Simply contact us and we will provide you with all the options available for creating and producing a unique golf trophy to suit your requirements.