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Lapel Pin

The lapel pin can be a very stylish and effective element for communicating a number of things. If you are considering having a lapel pin designed for your organisation, you will thus have to ask yourself a few questions before settling on a design. These questions relate to the intended use of the lapel pin. The most important question to ask is what is the purpose of the lapel pin? Will the pin be used to create brand awareness? Is the pin being designed to serve as a fundraising incentive? Or will the pin represent an award, recognising employees or members for outstanding performance?

Once you have determined this, Trophy and medal Boutique can advise you on the design and produce your desired lapel pin according to your requirements. For more information on the process, as well as to obtain your free quote, contact us at Trophy and medal Boutique.

Custom Trophy Manufacturers

Trophy and Medal Boutique is not only a leading supplier of existing trophies and medals, but we’re also trusted custom trophy manufacturers. No matter what type of award ceremony you are planning – whether it is a sporting event, formal corporate awards or a school prize giving – as custom trophy manufacturers we have the ability to create an award that is unique to your event and made according to your specifications. Our range of awards is extensive, and you can choose anything from traditional cup trophies to glass, crystal or marble trophies to mention only a select few.

Award ceremonies are special occasions. Make sure that your event shines as brightly as the winners do by getting your awards from the leading custom trophy manufacturers – Trophy and Medal Boutique. Contact us for more information and to request your free quote.

Trophy and Medal Engravers

While it is always special receiving a trophy or medal, it is even more special receiving one that has been personalised just for you. Personalisation can be done via professional trophy and medal engravers, such as Trophy and Medal Boutique. This gives you the opportunity to include the winning individual or team’s name, as well as brand the award with your company or organisation’s logo.

Apart from being trophy and medal engravers, we also supply a wide variety of awards at Trophy and Medal Boutique. These include traditional cup trophies, plaques, medals and even lapel badges. In fact, we can even create your award for you to meet your specific requirements.

For more information on our services as trophy and medal engravers, as well as to browse our selection of premium awards, contact us at Trophy and Medal Boutique.