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Corporate Awards

The Best Corporate Awards Ideas

Corporate awards can assume many guises.  Organisations like Toastmasters International hand out trophies at meetings for people that had excelled at their tasks.

However, most corporate awards take the form of gifts and there are a great many gift ideas from the Ideas Collection, Promogifts and Bags & More.  These include handy decanter and glass sets for whiskey or spirits, coffee mugs, glasses and folders.  For the best corporate gift and award ideas, contact the experts today.  We also engrave any medals or trophies on site and we can deliver anywhere in South Africa.  Never be at a loss again for where to find the finest trophies, medals and gifts.

Keyrings For Sale

Find The Best Online Keyrings For Sale

We offer plastic and cast steel keyrings for sale and the client can determine what they should look like.  The organisation’s information can be embossed on one side of the keyring and the logo on the other side, for example.

If you order more than a thousand keyrings, no mould or die costs will be charged.  You can find many different designs of keyrings for sale at our online shop and while some are purely cosmetic, others double as bottle openers.  Besides keyrings, we also manufacture the finest trophies, medals, badges, lapel badges, as well as corporate and promotional gifts like glasses, mugs, decanters and folders.

Award A Smart Hockey Trophy To The Winning Captain

Are you looking for a rugby, soccer or hockey trophy to award to the winning team at an inter-schools match?  Then speak to the professionals who have been supplying trophies, awards and medals to South African winners since 1989.

The material that the trophy is made of may depend on how many you need; if just one is to be handed to the captain of a team, a smart glass, metal or wooden hockey trophy is ideal.  Rather than handing out trophies to the team members, you can give them engraved medals to remember the victory.  We also offer corporate gifts, tog bags, printed T-shirts, plaques and school bars.